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core / init.meta.rewrite_tactic

structure tactic.rewrite_cfg  :

Configuration options for the rewrite tactic.

Instances for tactic.rewrite_cfg

Rewrite the expression e using h. The unification is performed using the transparency mode in cfg. If cfg.approx is tt, then fallback to first-order unification, and approximate context during unification. cfg.new_goals specifies which unassigned metavariables become new goals, and their order. If cfg.instances is tt, then use type class resolution to instantiate unassigned meta-variables. The fields cfg.auto_param and cfg.opt_param are ignored by this tactic (See tactic.rewrite). It a triple (new_e, prf, metas) where prf : e = new_e, and metas is a list of all introduced meta variables, even the assigned ones.

TODO(Leo): improve documentation and explain symm/occs