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The following is a comprehensive list of Computer Science course offerings. For simpler, per-semester lists, choose one of the links in the box to the right. "Banner" is the Brown Online Course Announcement.

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Computer Science Courses

Courses offered this year are in bold.  Click here to see UTA-designed slides promoting next semester's courses.

What CS Course Should I Take?

CSCI0020 (CS002) The Digital World
CSCI0030 (CSCI0931) Introduction to Computation for the Humanities and Social Sciences
CSCI0040 (CS004) Introduction to Scientific Computing and Problem Solving
CSCI0050 A Data-Centric Introduction to Programming
CSCI0060 Practical Systems Skills
CSCI0080 A First Byte of Computer Science
CSCI0081 TA Apprenticeship: Full Credit
CSCI0082 TA Apprenticeship: Half Credit
CSCI0100 Data Fluency for All
CSCI0111 Computing Foundations: Data
CSCI0112 Computing Foundations: Program Organization
CSCI0130 User Interfaces and User Experience
CSCI0150 (CS015) Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming and Computer Science
CSCI0160 (CS016) Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures
CSCI0170 (CS017) CS: An Integrated Introduction
CSCI0180 (CS018) CS: An Integrated Introduction
CSCI0190 (CS019) Accelerated Introduction to Computer Science
CSCI0200 Program Design with Data Structures and Algorithms
CSCI0220 (CS022) Introduction to Discrete Structures and Probability
CSCI0300 (CSCI1310) Fundamentals of Computer Systems
CSCI0310 (CS031) Introduction to Computer Systems
CSCI0320 (CS032) Introduction to Software Engineering
CSCI0330 Introduction to Computer Systems
CSCI0360 (CS036) Introduction to Systems Programming
CSCI0450 Introduction to Probability and Computing
CSCI0510 (CS051) Models of Computation
CSCI0530 Coding the Matrix: an Introduction to Linear Algebra for Computer Science
CSCI0920 (CS092) Educational Software Seminar
CSCI0931 Introduction to Computation for the Humanities and Social Sciences
CSCI1010 (CSCI0510) Theory of Computation
CSCI1040 The Basics of Cryptographic Systems
CSCI1230 (CS123) Computer Graphics
CSCI1234 Computer Graphics Lab
CSCI1250 (CS125) Introduction to Computer Animation
CSCI1260 (CS126) Compilers and Program Analysis
CSCI1270 (CS127) Database Management Systems
CSCI1280 (CS128) Intermediate 3D Computer Animation
CSCI1290 (CSCI1950-G) Computational Photography
CSCI1300 User Interfaces and User Experience
CSCI1301 Livestreaming Reimagined
CSCI1310 Fundamentals of Computer Systems
CSCI1320 Creating Modern & Mobile Web Applications
CSCI1330 Computer Systems (Master's students only)
CSCI1340 (CS196-2) Innovating Game Development
CSCI1360 Human Factors in Cybersecurity
CSCI1370 Virtual Reality Design for Science
CSCI1380 (CS138) Distributed Computer Systems
CSCI1410 (CS141) Artificial Intelligence
CSCI1420 (CSCI1950-F) Machine Learning
CSCI1430 (CS143) Computer Vision
CSCI1440 (CSCI1951-K) Algorithmic Game Theory
CSCI1450 (CSCI0450) Advanced Introduction to Probability for Computing and Data Science
CSCI1460 (CS146) Computational Linguistics
CSCI1470 Deep Learning
CSCI1480 (CS148) Building Intelligent Robots
CSCI1490 (CS149) Introduction to Combinatorial Optimization
CSCI1510 Introduction to Cryptography and Computer Security
CSCI1550 (CS155) Probabilistic Methods in Computer Science
CSCI1570 (CS157) Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CSCI1575 Algorithms: In Depth
CSCI1580 Information Retrieval and Web Search
CSCI1590 (CS159) Introduction to Computational Complexity
CSCI1600 Real-time and Embedded Software
CSCI1610 (CS161) Building High-Performance Servers
CSCI1620 Computer Systems Security Lab
CSCI1650 (CSCI1951-H) Software Security and Exploitation
CSCI1660 (CS166) Computer Systems Security
CSCI1670 (CS167) Operating Systems
CSCI1680 Computer Networks
CSCI1690 (CS169) Operating Systems Laboratory
CSCI1695 Operating System Design and Implementation
CSCI1710 (CSCI1950-Y) Logic for Systems
CSCI1729 Programming Languages Lab
CSCI1730 (CS173) Design and Implementation of Programming Languages
CSCI1760 Multiprocessor Synchronization
CSCI1780 (CS178) Parallel and Distributed Programming
CSCI1800 (CSCI1950-P) Cybersecurity and International Relations
CSCI1805 (CSCI1951-F) Computers, Freedom and Privacy: Current Topics in Law and Policy
CSCI1810 (CS181) Computational Molecular Biology
CSCI1820 Algorithmic Foundations of Computational Biology
CSCI1850 Deep Learning in Genomics
CSCI1860 Cybersecurity Law and Policy
CSCI1870 Cybersecurity Ethics
CSCI1880 Introduction to Computer Security
CSCI1900 csciStartup
CSCI1950-E Human-Robot Interaction Seminar
CSCI1950-H Computational Topology
CSCI1950-I Designing, Developing and Evaluating User Interfaces
CSCI1950-N 2D Game Engines
CSCI1950-Q Programming for the Humanities and Social Sciences
CSCI1950-R (CS195R) Compiler Practice
CSCI1950-S Fundamentals of Computer Systems
CSCI1950-T Advanced Animation Production
CSCI1950-U Topics in 3D Game Engine Development
CSCI1950-V Advanced GPU Programming
CSCI1950-W Topics in Data Science
CSCI1950-X Software Foundations
CSCI1950-Y Logic for Systems
CSCI1950-Z Computational Methods for Biology
CSCI1951-A Data Science
CSCI1951-B Virtual Citizens or Subjects? The Global Battle Over Governing Your Internet
CSCI1951-C Designing Humanity Centered Robots
CSCI1951-D Projective Geometry via Interactive Proof Assistants
CSCI1951-E Computer Systems Security: Principles and Practice
CSCI1951-G Optimization Methods in Finance
CSCI1951-H Software Security and Exploitation
CSCI1951-I CS for Social Change
CSCI1951-J Interdisciplinary Scientific Visualization
CSCI1951-L Blockchains & Cryptocurrencies
CSCI1951-M Great Ideas in Computer Science
CSCI1951-N VR+X, the Potential of Virtual Reality to Transform Nearly Everything
CSCI1951-O Design of Robotic Systems
CSCI1951-R Introduction to Robotics
CSCI1951-S Virtual Reality Software Review
CSCI1951-T Surveying VR Data Visualization Software for Research
CSCI1951-U Software Engineering of Large Systems
CSCI1951-V Hypertext/Hypermedia: The Web Was Not the Beginning and the Web Is Not the End
CSCI1951-W Sublinear Algorithms for Big Data
CSCI1951-X Formal Proof and Verification
CSCI1951-Y The Robots are Coming! The Robots are Coming!
CSCI1952-V Algorithms for the People
CSCI1970 (CS193/4) Individual Independent Study
CSCI1971 (CSCI1950N) Independent Study in 2D Game Engines
CSCI1972 (CSCI1950-U) Topics in 3D Game Engine Development
CSCI2000 Computer Science Research Methods
CSCI2002 Privacy and Personal Data Protection
CSCI2230 Computer Graphics
CSCI2240 (CS224) Interactive Computer Graphics
CSCI2270 (CS227) Topics in Database Management
CSCI2300 (CSCI2951-L) Human-Computer Interaction Seminar
CSCI2310 (CS231) Human Factors and User Interface Design
CSCI2330 (CS233) Programming Environments
CSCI2340 (CS234) Software Engineering
CSCI2370 (CS237) Interdisciplinary Scientific Visualization
CSCI2390 Privacy-Conscious Computer Systems
CSCI2410 (CS241) Statistical Models in Natural-Language Understanding
CSCI2420 Probabilistic Graphical Models
CSCI2440 (CS244) Advanced Algorithmic Game Theory
CSCI2470 Deep Learning
CSCI2500-A (CS250) Advanced Algorithms
CSCI2500-B (CS250) Optimization Algorithms for Planar Graphs
CSCI2510 (CS251) Approximation Algorithms
CSCI2520 (CS252) Computational Geometry
CSCI2531 Internet and Web Algorithms
CSCI2540 (CS254) Advanced Probabilistic Methods in Computer Science
CSCI2550 (CS255) Parallel Computation: Models, Algorithms, Limits
CSCI2560 (CS256) Advanced Complexity
CSCI2570 (CS257) Introduction to Nanocomputing
CSCI2580 (CS258) Solving Hard Problems in Combinatorial Optimization: Theory and Systems
CSCI2590 Advanced Topics in Cryptography
CSCI2670 Operating Systems
CSCI2730 (CS273) Programming Language Theory
CSCI2750 (CS275) Topics in Parallel & Distributed Computing
CSCI2820 Algorithmic Foundations in Computational Biology
CSCI2840 Advanced Algorithms in Computational Biology and Medical Bioinformatics
CSCI2950-C (CS296-5) Algorithms for Cancer Genomics
CSCI2950-E (CS296-9) Stochastic Optimization
CSCI2950-G (CS296-2) Large-Scale Networked Systems
CSCI2950-J Cognition, Human-Computer Interaction and Visual Analysis
CSCI2950-K Special Topics in Computational Linguistics
CSCI2950-L (CS295-2) Medical Bioinformatics: Disease Associations, Protein Folding and Immunogenomics
CSCI2950-O (CS295-7) Topics in Brain-Computer Interfaces
CSCI2950-P Special Topics in Machine Learning
CSCI2950-Q (CS296-4) Topics in Computer Vision
CSCI2950-R Special Topics in Advanced Algorithms
CSCI2950-T (CS295-11) Topics in Distributed Databases & Systems
CSCI2950-U Special Topics on Networking and Distributed Systems
CSCI2950-V Topics in Applied Cryptography
CSCI2950-W Online Algorithms
CSCI2950-X (CS296-1) Topics in Programming Languages & Systems
CSCI2950-Z (CS296-3) Robot Learning and Autonomy
CSCI2951-A Robots for Education
CSCI2951-B Data-Driven Vision and Graphics
CSCI2951-C Autonomous Agents and Computational Market Design
CSCI2951-D Topics in Information Retrieval and Web Search
CSCI2951-E Topics in Computer System Security
CSCI2951-F Learning and Sequential Decision Making
CSCI2951-G Computational Protein Folding
CSCI2951-H Algorithms for Big Data
CSCI2951-I Computer Vision for Graphics and Interaction
CSCI2951-J Topics in Advanced Algorithmics: Algorithmic Game Theory, 3D Computational Geometry, Quantum Computing
CSCI2951-K Topics in Collaborative Robotics
CSCI2951-L Human-Computer Interaction Seminar
CSCI2951-M Advanced Algorithms Seminar
CSCI2951-N Advanced Algorithms in Computational Biology
CSCI2951-O Foundations of Prescriptive Analytics
CSCI2951-P Human-Robot Interaction Seminar
CSCI2951-Q Topics in Advanced Algorithms
CSCI2951-R Personal Informatics Seminar
CSCI2951-S Distributed Computing through Combinatorial Topology
CSCI2951-T Data-Drive Computer Vision
CSCI2951-U Topics in Software Security
CSCI2951-V Systems for Interactive Data Exploration
CSCI2951-W Creative Artificial Intelligence for Computer Graphics
CSCI2951-X Reintegrating AI
CSCI2951-Y Special Topics in Formal Semantics and Notional Machines
CSCI2951-Z Advanced Algorithmic Game Theory
CSCI2952-A Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies
CSCI2952-B Topics in Computer Science Education Research
CSCI2952-C Learning with Limited Labeled Data
CSCI2952-D Computational Semantics
CSCI2952-E Topics in Network Management: Data-driven and Programmable Networks
CSCI2952-F Distributed Systems at Scale: Microservices Management
CSCI2952-G Deep Learning in Genomics
CSCI2952-H Recent Progress in Reinforcement Learning
CSCI2952-I Language Processing in Humans and Machines
CSCI2952-J Computing with Emerging Technology
CSCI2952-K Topics in 3D Computer Vision and Deep Learning
CSCI2952-L Special Topics in Secure Computation
CSCI2952-M The Works that Made and Changed Machine Learning
CSCI2952-N Advanced Topics in Deep Learning
CSCI2952-O A Practical Introduction to Advanced 3D Robot Perception
CSCI2952-P Coordinated Mobile Robotics
CSCI2952-V Algorithms for the People
CSCI2955 The Design and Analysis of Trading Agents
CSCI2956-F Machine Learning Reading Group
CSCI2980 (CS297/8) Reading and Research
DATA0080 Data, Ethics and Society
DATA0200 Data Science Fluency
DATA1030 Hands-on Data Science
DATA1050 Data Engineering
DATA2040 Deep Learning
DATA2050 Data Science Practicum
DATA2080 Data and Society
ENGN2502 3D Photography
ENGN2520 (CSCI1950-F) Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
XLIST_BIOL_1430 Computational Theory of Molecular Evolution
XLIST_ENGN2911-I 3D Photography and Geometry Processing