TA Apprenticeship: Half Credit

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Meeting Time:Arranged
Semester:Fall, Spring
Offered this year?Yes
When Offered?Every year


Being an undergraduate TA is a learning experience: one not only gets a deeper understanding of the course material, but gains management and social skills that are invaluable for one's future. Students taking this course must first be selected as an undergraduate TA for a Computer Science course, a course the student has taken and done well in. Students will work with the course's instructor on a variety of course-related topics, including preparation of material and development of assignments. Whether CSCI 0082 or its full-credit version (CSCI 0081) is taken is up to the professor of the course being TA'd. Instructor permission required.

CRNs: F: 16043 ; S: 26250

CRN: 16043