Our PhD Program


Working with faculty who are leaders in the field, our PhD students conduct research with real-world impact. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core values for Brown CS, and we’ve integrated societal and ethical issues across our graduate and undergraduate curricula. Our new faculty positions focus on both core computer science and emerging CS + X areas.

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After graduation, our alums contribute widely to science, learning, culture, and their communities. In the last year alone, our PhD alums were named an ACM Fellow and an IEEE Fellow and received a CCS Test-of-Time Award. Click the links that follow for recent news stories about our PhD students and alums.




"The breadth, depth, and the easy camaraderie of the computer science department made my stay at Brown for a PhD both a joy and an intellectually rewarding experience. I am also incredibly proud that both my sons also did computer science at Brown and have gone on to become amazing software engineers and entrepreneurs."

Sridhar Ramaswamy, SVP of AI at Snowflake, former SVP of Ads and Commerce at Google
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We offer world-class research and education in an interdisciplinary environment (for more detail on the below, click here):


"Attending Brown was an extraordinary and transformative experience for many reasons: the close-knit community of graduate students that led to the strongest friendships I ever made, the approachable faculty, the generous mentorship by professors, the remarkable undergraduate students I had the opportunity to teach and work with, and the department and university resources that provided a comfortable living in beautiful Providence and connections with industry and academia."

Alexandra Papoutsaki, Associate Professor in Computer Science, Pomona College
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