Our Undergraduate Program


Our undergrads have flown to Singapore to install software they designed for the Nobel Museum, built an SMS-based commodity exchange to help Ghanaian farmers, and more. They know what it's like to hear a professor say, "I feel like I can absolutely treat my undergraduate teaching assistant as a peer."

This page is for prospective undergrads. Incoming and current students, go here or use the links in the blue bar above.

Other schools are dealing with growing interest in CS by capping the number of students who can major in it. Instead of turning applicants away, we're putting in place new programs to help first-generation and low-income students. Watch a video of CS majors answering your questions​, look at our majors, or apply.


"I’m inspired by the creative and innovative thinking ...faculty mentorship across departments, the strong alum network who work at startups and tech giants alike, design resources at RISD, the Providence tech community, and student organizations like Hack@Brown and the Entrepreneurship Program are all catalysts for student entrepreneurs." — Athyuttam (Atty) Eleti


"I'm concentrating in Math-CS. It's one of several joint majors that allow students to pursue in-depth study in both CS and another area — as well as exploring how the subjects interact. Math-CS has given me a greater degree of flexibility in my course choices; it has allowed me to both focus on more theoretical aspects of computer science and to increase my level of mathematical maturity."  Eli Rosenthal 


"Doing CS research has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my time at Brown. It's allowed me to make meaningful relationships with my professors and with grad students in the department, and has taught me how to work in a self-directed way on projects I get to define myself...professors are open to mentoring an undergrad, and doing research at Brown also opens up opportunities to work with other universities."  Danaë Metaxa-Kakavouli


"Being an undergraduate teaching assistant (UTA) has been an incredible opportunity for me to grow...Through my involvement with the UTA program, I have gained incredible mentors (professors, head TAs) and wonderful friends (fellow TAs on several different course staffs). I think the program truly reflects the culture of collaborative learning at the heart of a Brown CS education." — Jaclyn Zhong

Find out more: student groups (Hack@Brown, Department Undergraduate Group, Women in Computer ScienceMosaic+), our majors (Applied Math-CS, Computational Biology, CS, CS-Economics, and Math-CS), undergrad resources (for concentrators and non-concentrators), undergrad research, the UTA program, and other undergrad jobs.

We pioneered undergraduate participation in teaching and research before many universities even offered CS courses. Today, no other institution gives you the same opportunity to be part of their intellectual life, make multidisciplinary collaborations, and advance the field. 

"I never want to stop being a Brown Computer Science TA."
     — Mike Frederickson, Technical Director, Pixar

"My advisor has been a constant anchor, a mentor, a friend...Late nights in the graphics lab allowed me to see how CS could connect with other disciplines and Brown’s honors program allowed me to experiment with my first truly interdisciplinary research project."
     — danah boyd, Microsoft Principal Researcher and Data and Society Founder