Majoring In CS As An Undergraduate

We offer several undergraduate AB. and ScB majors, which Brown calls concentrations. Our undergrad program is designed to combine educational breadth in software, hardware, and theoretical computer science with deeper understanding of specialized areas such as software system design, programming languages, machine architecture, artificial intelligence, analysis of algorithms, and the theory of computation.

Current concentrators with signed concentration contracts may either continue with the old requirements (see below) or switch to the new requirements. If you're not yet a concentrator, but plan to be, we strongly encourage you to use the new requirements. However, if you feel that course selections you've made using the old requirements would make it difficult for you to complete the new requirements, we're willing to consider a concentration based on the old requirements.

To concentrate in CS, you must:

All our concentrations, except for Computational Biology, have an optional Professional Track. Click here for information about this track.

Advanced Placement Credits And Transfer Credits

The Department of Computer Science does not accept AP CS credits. However, we will work with you to determine which course is best for you to start in. No more than two courses may be transferred in from other institutions for concentration credit in CS A.B. degree programs and no more than three courses may be transferred in for concentration credit for CS Sc.B. degree programs.

Concentration Requirements

Concentration Contracts

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