Concentration Requirements (2017)

PLEASE NOTE: If you started at Brown in or before Fall 2017, you're able to use the old requirements, but we strongly recommend that you use these requirements, which have been redesigned to serve you better. At this time, requirements for the joint-programs have not changed.

The Department of Computer Science offers several A.B. and Sc.B. concentrations for undergraduates. The undergraduate program is designed to combine educational breadth in the areas of software, hardware, and theoretical computer science with deeper understanding of specialized areas such as software system design, programming languages, machine architecture, artificial intelligence, the analysis of algorithms, and the theory of computation.

Becoming A CS Concentrator

To become a CS concentrator, you must fill out the electronic application on ASK []. If you are using the old requirements, you must also fill out a CS Department Concentration Contract (see the links elsewhere on this page); for the new requirements, the contract is built into ASK. Instructions for completing the contract in ASK are in the new requirements page.

Make an appointment with your concentration advisor to go over your choices and discuss the programs.

All concentrators are required to meet with their concentration advisors at least once a year. This is normally done during a designated two-week period in the middle of the fall semester (the dates will be announced several weeks beforehand). Students who don't meet with their advisors during this period are subject to having their computer accounts frozen.

All our concentrations, except for Computational Biology, have an optional Professional Track. Click here for information about this track.

Advanced Placement Credits

The Department of Computer Science does not accept AP CS credits, however we will work with you to determine which course is best for you to start in.

Transfer Credits

No more than two courses may be transferred in from other institutions for concentration credit in CS A.B. degree programs and no more than three courses may be transferred in for concentration credit for CS Sc.B. degree programs.

Concentration Requirements

Concentration Contracts

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