Student Advocates for Diversity and Inclusion

Our Mission

Our primary mission as Student Advocates for Diversity and Inclusion is to improve how our department handles academic and social diversity issues. We hope to increase the retention number of HUGs (historically underrepresented groups) in upper level computer science classes, as well as increase the number of students concentrating in computer science. We also hope to raise awareness of the issues that are ongoing in our department such as the lack of diversity among our TA program, which is the main source of instruction for our introductory classes. We hope that our initiative creates a more inclusive environment that allows students to thrive academically while also creating a diverse social atmosphere that is welcoming to all.


When students are in their roles as student advocates they are not required to share any information disclosed. They will not answer questions about people with whom they may have spoken, or disclose an individual's name or specific issue unless during the course of the discussion, the student advocate is given explicit permission by the individual to do so. The only exception to this is if the student advocate determines that there is an imminent risk of serious harm. Student advocates will, however, keep statistical information for analyzing and reporting trends of issues, and provide recommendations to the diversity committee.

Student Advocates for Diversity and Inclusion

Picture of Miranda
Miranda Chao

Hours: TH 1-3PM

Miranda is a junior studying computer science and visual arts at Brown, and is a coordinator of WiCS in the CS department. She is especially dedicated to issues of diversity and inclusion and improving mental health and wellness in the department.

Picture of Anthony
Anthony Cruz

Hours: W 10AM-12

I am currently a junior concentrating and CS, I took my first CS class as a sophomore when I switched majors. I am a first-generation college student, who has faced struggles with academics and balancing work with school. I hope to help other students in a similar situation succeed in our CS department. When it comes to CS I am interested in Machine Learning and am currently apart of the AI/Robotics lab (ask me questions about research and getting involved in the department!).

Picture of Carlene
Carlene Niguidala


Picture of Devanshi
Devanshi Nishar


My name is Devanshi and I’m a senior concentrating in Computer Science. I’ve TA’d CS15 and CS1410, and have HTA’d CS16. I’m interested in fostering a respectful and inclusive CS community, especially between TAs and students. Feel free to reach out about TAing, searching for industry jobs, and finding your place within the department/CS at large.

Picture of Chantal
Chantal Toupin


My name is Chantal and I'm a sophomore concentrating in Computer Science and History. I've TA'd CS15 and CS16, and am also a co-president of Brown's Organization of Multiracial and Biracial Students (BOMBS). I have worked on TA trainings with fellow advocates and am interested in diversity trainings in the department. Feel free to come talk to me about TAing, double concentrating, leading an affinity space on campus or anything else!

Picture of Chelse
Chelse Steele


My name is Chelse, and I'm a junior studying Computer Science and Africana Studies. I'm a founding member and co-coordinator of Mosaic+, a student group that supports the community of historically underrepresented racial groups in computer science. I've also been a TA in the department and am interested in finding new and creative ways to develop a more inclusive TA program. I'd love to hear and support new ideas, so please reach out to me if you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns. And of course, if you want to get involved with Mosaic+, I'm here for you!

Picture of Chinenye
Chinenye Uduji


I’m a sophomore concentrating in Computer Science and Africana Studies. I have TA’d CS15, am involved with Mosaic+, which is a student group that supports underrepresented racial minorities in computer science and am also involved in the Black Student Union. I’d love to hear ideas about how we can create a more inclusive department and foster community! I am interested in creating more support groups within the department, making spaces for open dialogues about identity, finding ways to make our curriculum more inclusive, and am very open to other ways we can improve our department. Feel free to talk to me about any questions, comments or concerns you may have about diversity and inclusion in CS!