Upcoming Events

Events Scheduled for the Next Three Months:

Wednesday, October 29, 12pm to 1pm, Lubrano Conference Room
Invertible Bloom Lookup Tables and Their Applications in Large-Scale Data Analysis
Michael T. Goodrich, University of California, Irvine
Host: Robert Tamassia
This is Theory Lunch Talk

Thursday, November 6, 12pm to 1pm, CIT 368
Subgoal Discovery and Language Learning in Reinforcement Learning Agents
Marie desJardins, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Host: Stefanie Tellex/HCRI
This is part of the HCRI Speaker Series

Thursday, November 6, 4pm to 5pm, CIT 368
The Power of Abstraction
Distinguished Lecture Series
Barbara Liskov, MIT
Host: Maurice Herlihy

Friday, November 7, 12pm to 1pm, CIT 368
Refinement Types for Haskell
Ranjit Jhala, University of California, San Diego
Host: Shriram Krishnamurthi

Thursday, November 13, 4pm to 5pm, CIT 368
Explore or Exploit? Reflections on an Ancient Dilemma in the Age of the Web
Robert Kleinberg, Cornell University
Host: Amy Greenwald

Wednesday, December 3, 4pm to 5pm, Brown ICERM, 121 South Main Street
Open and Closed Problems
David S. Johnson, Columbia University
Host: Philip Klein

Thursday, December 11, 4pm to 5pm, CIT 368
Distinguished Lecture Series
Dan Spielman, Yale University
Host: Philip Klein
This is the Annual Paris C. Kanellakis Memorial Lecture