Upcoming Events

Events Scheduled for the Next Three Months:

Monday, April 27, 1pm to 3pm, Swig Boardroom (CIT 241)
Computational Characterization of Heterogeneity and Rearrangements in Cancer
Thesis Defense
Layla Oesper
Host: Ben Raphael

Wednesday, April 29, 12pm to 1:30pm, Barus & Holley, Room 190
Making Robots Behave
Leslie Pack Kaelbling, MIT CSAIL
Host: Stefanie Tellex/HCRI
This is part of the HCRI Speaker Series

Wednesday, April 29, 12pm to 1pm, Lubrano Conference Room
Approximate Undirected Maximum Flows in O(m polylog(n)) Time
Richard Peng, MIT
Host: Philip Klein

Wednesday, April 29, 4pm to 5pm, Alpert Medical School, Case Study Room 270
Extensive rewiring of epithelial-stromal coexpression networks in breast cancer
Andrew Beck, Harvard Medical School
Host: The CCMB & Pathology Department

Monday, May 4, 10am to 12pm, CIT 368
Bayesian Nonparametric Discovery of Layers and Parts from Scenes and Objects
Thesis Defense
Soumya Ghosh
Host: Erik Sudderth

Tuesday, May 5, 3pm to 4pm, Lubrano Conference Room
The Devil is in the Details: Example-based Image Restoration and Detail Synthesis
Thesis Proposal
Libin Sun
Host: James Hayes

Wednesday, May 6, 10am to 11am, CIT 368
Designing and Evaluating a Visual Analysis Tool for Hypothesis Generation in Brain Science
Thesis Proposal
Hua Guo
Host: David Laidlaw

Thursday, May 7, 3pm to 5pm, CIT 368
Anti-Caching and the Use of Non-Volatile Memory in OLTP Databases
Thesis Defense
Justin DeBrabant
Host: Stan Zdonik

Tuesday, May 19, 4pm to 5pm, CIT 368
Enabling Integrated Search and Exploration Over Large Multidimensional Data
Thesis Proposal
Alexander Kalinin
Host: Ugur Cetintemel