Upcoming Events

Events Scheduled for the Next Three Months:

Friday, December 2, 12pm to 1pm, Watson Institute, 111 Thayer Street
Joukowsky Forum: The Security Implications of the Trump Presidency
Joukowsky Forum
Host: Watson Institute

Friday, December 2, 4pm to 5pm, CIT 368
The Art of Computer Programming: Satisfiability and Combinatorics
Donald Knuth, Stanford University
Host: Sorin Istrail and Eli Upfal
This is a John von Neumann Lecture

Thursday, December 8, 3pm to 4pm, Lubrano Conference Room
Verifiable Grounding and Execution of Natural Language Instructions
Adrian Boteanu, Cornell University
Host: Stefanie Tellex/HCRI
This is part of the HCRI Speaker Series

Friday, December 9, 2pm to 3pm, Lubrano Conference Room
Using Virtual Reality Effectively: An Evaluation of VR Fidelity Components in Scientific Data Exploration
Thesis Proposal
Johannes Novotny
Host: David Laidlaw

Monday, December 12, 10am to 11am, CIT 506
Application-Aware Cloud Resource Management
Thesis Proposal
Jeff Rasley
Host: Rodrigo Fonseca

Monday, December 12, 12pm to 1pm, CIT 368
Arms on Legs
Jennifer Barry, Boston Dynamics
Host: Stefanie Tellex/HCRI
This is part of the HCRI Speaker Series

Monday, December 12, 2pm to 3pm, CIT 368
Light Fields and Synthetic Aperture Photography for Robotic Perception
Thesis Proposal
John Oberlin
Host: Stefanie Tellex

Wednesday, December 14, 11am to 12pm, CIT 368
Detecting Valuable Information in Dynamic Systems Using Limited Resources
Thesis Proposal
Ahmad Mahmoody
Host: Eli Upfal

Thursday, February 16, 4pm to 5pm, CIT 368
Xing-Dong Yang, Dartmouth College
Host: Jeff Huang