Contacting Us

General Inquiries:
Tel: 401-863-7600
Fax: 401-863-7657
Department Chair:   Ugur Cetintemel
Tel: 401-863-7601
Associate Chair:

John F. Hughes
Tel: 401-863-7600

Vice Chair:   Tom Doeppner
Tel: 401-863-7633
Undergraduate Affairs:   Tom Doeppner
Tel: 401-863-7633
Graduate Affairs:   Tom Doeppner (Masters)
David Laidlaw (PhD)
Tel: 401-863-7600
Industry Partners Program:   Jeff Huang
Tel: 401-863-7600
Computing Facilities:   John Bazik
Tel: 401-863-7624
Webmaster:   John Bazik
Mailing Address:

Brown University, Computer Science Department
115 Waterman Street, 4th Floor
Providence, RI 02912-1910

Job Postings:

Employers and Brown University colleagues: to send a short-term or part-time job posting to current Brown CS students, email it to To inquire about recruiting current Brown CS students for full-time jobs, please click here to learn about our Industry Partners Program or contact Lauren Clarke.
Current students: click here to sign up for the Gigs list and receive job postings.