Studying Computer Science At Brown CS

dylangatteycit.jpg Before continuing, please read the Brown CS 2020-21 Plan, which may replace some of the information below.

We offer one of the best environments for both research and education. Our faculty, students, resources, and location are just some of the reasons why you should study at Brown CS

Graduate Study

Our graduate study consists of a doctoral and a Master's program. Doctoral students can earn a Master's degree automatically, but students admitted for a Master's don't automatically transition to the PhD track.

We also offer the Master of Science in Cybersecurity, the first 16-month program for professionals designed to cultivate high-demand, cross-industry executives with the unique and critical ability to devise and execute integrated, comprehensive cybersecurity strategies for nations and industries across the globe.

The Data Science Initiative offers a Master's program that prepares students from a wide range of backgrounds for careers in data science. Rooted in a research collaboration among four very strong departments (Applied Mathematics, Biostatistics, Computer Science, and Mathematics), it offers a rigorous, distinctive, and attractive education for people building careers in data science and/or big data management.

Undergraduate Study

Our undergraduate program pioneered the idea of undergrads contributing to teaching and research at a time when few universities even offered CS courses. Today, no other institution gives students the same opportunities to be part of the university's intellectual life, benefit from a community of collaborators, and advance the field. Undergraduate students also have the option of staying a fifth year to obtain a Masters degree.

For Current Students

Please visit the appropriate Resources page for undergraduate, Master's, or doctoral students.