Diversity and Inclusion

As a department, we have made it our mission to create and sustain a diverse and inclusive environment in which all students, faculty, and staff can thrive.

The 2017-2018 Diversity & Inclusion Action Plan Update Report is available. The 2018-2019 Update Report will be released soon.

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How To Get Involved


CS Diversity & Inclusion Open Floor: The Fall 2019 CS Open Floor has not yet been scheduled, please check back soon for an update on the date and time.

2020-2021 Student Advocates for Diversity & Inclusion: Applications for the next cohort of Diversity Student Advocates will open in Spring 2020. Please check back next semester for updates.

CS Diversity Conferences: Check out this document for a list of diversity related CS conferences in 2019-2020. The CS Department offers scholarships for conference attendance; the 2020 CS scholarship application will open in Spring 2020.

Brown CS Health & Wellness: Do you have feedback for how the department can help supoort accessibility and mental health? Please complete this anonymous department accessibility survey. 

CS Inclusivity Feedback FormWhenever you notice a particular moment or experience in the CIT or the CS Community you view as making the environment more inclusive or exclusive, please complete this form. You have the option of submitting the form anonymously.

If You Need Help

Our Email:
Diversity & Inclusion Student Advocates: diversity.advocates@lists.cs.brown.edu 
Health & Wellness Student Advocateswellness.advocates@lists.cs.brown.edu
Diversity Committee: diversity@lists.cs.brown.edu

Undergraduate Diversity Student Advocates Open Hours: instead of weekly scheduled office hours, community members that would like to confidentially discuss questions or concerns related to diversity and inclusion should email diversity.advocates@lists.cs.brown.edu or complete the form below. The open hours provide students with 1:1 peer mentorship and guidance on the student centers and resources available to them on campus.
Undergraduate Health & Wellness Student Advocate Lobby HoursWednesdays 7:30P-8:30P in the CIT Lobby


Diversity Events

Thursday October 24, 2019. 4P-5:30P CIT 368. Joy Rankin: Creating Computing Citizens. What does it mean to write American history from the user up? This talk focuses on the users of 1960s and 1970s academic computing networks to develop a history of the digital age that emphasizes creativity, collaboration, and community. I’ll use several case studies to illustrate the dynamic - and unexpected - relationships among gender, community, computing, and citizenship.

Monday October 7, 2019. 3P-4:30P UFli Center , 5th Floor Sciences Library. UFli STEM Mixer.

Tuesday May 7, 2019. 4P-5P CIT 3rd Floor Atrium. CS Diversity & Inclusion Town Hall.

Friday April 19, 2019. Panel: 4P-6:30P CIT 477. Out in CS Panel. Join us for a panel aimed at celebrating intersectional identities with a focus on providing a space for conversations about what it’s like to identify as LGBTQ+ while working in Computer Science. Panelists from various tech industries will share their experiences and challenges navigating their workplace communities. 

For a full list of Women in Computer Science (WiCS) events visit the WiCS Calendar.
For a full list of Mosaic+ events visit the Mosaic+ Calendar.
For a list of Brown Computer Science Department events visit the CS Events Calendar

Past Events

Thursday November 29, 2018. 4P-5P CIT 3rd Floor Atrium. CS Diversity & Inclusion Town Hall.

Tuesday December 4, 2018. 4P-5P. 85 Waterman Street, Room 015. LGBTQ in CS Roundtable.

Monday October 29, 2018. 5P-6:30P. CIT 101. Field Guide to CS@Brown. Are you a first-year or a sophomore, new to CS? Or an upperclass student that's been here for a while? All are welcome! The Diversity & Inclusion, and Health & Wellness Advocates are hosting a panel of upperclass students to share tips and advice for navigating Computer Science at Brown. The panelists will share more about their experiences and answer questions about being a student in the department. If you have questions or tips about being a TA, Researcher, or picking classes, come by and hang out with us! Food and drinks will be provided!

Wednesday October 24, 2018. 3P-4P. CIT 368. Summer Panel Info Session. What were CS students up to this past summer? A panel of undergraduate students will share their diverse summer internship, community service, research and work experience this summer, and answer questions you may have about how to secure summer work.

Tuesday October 23, 2018. 9:30P-11:30P. CIT 265. Mosaic+: UTA Interview Prep Workshop. The interactive workshop with help prospective TAs practice their interview skills ahead of the TA hiring period. Facilitators will emphasize the importance of knowing the technical topic well and answering any questions on it; how to be an effective and empathetic teacher (building on what the student knows, helping them get to an understanding with leading questions rather than lecturing, being patient/kind/enthusiastic); prompting you to think about why you would make a good TA and what you would change about the course

No events

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