Concentration Requirements (Current)

Our current requirements are built on a collection of pathways, each representing a well defined area within computer science. Concentrators interested in particular areas might choose the courses included in particular pathways. Conversely, concentrators who are unsure of their areas of interest but who have particularly enjoyed certain courses might choose pathways that include these courses.

The total number of courses required for the two concentrations remains the same as they were with the old requirements. There are no changes to the calculus prereq or the intro courses. Intermediate courses are now grouped into three categories. The systems-oriented category remains unchanged, but we've expanded the math-oriented category into two: math and fundamentals. The former includes linear algebra, probability and statistics, and multi-variable calculus; the latter includes discrete math and theory of computation. AB students must take three courses from at least two of the categories; ScB students must take five courses from all three of the categories -- this requirement subsumes the math requirement of the old concentration requirements.

Each pathway specifies a number of core courses, a collection of related courses, and up to three mandatory intermediate courses. Completing a pathway entails taking at least one core course, another core or related course, and the mandatory intermediate courses. AB students must complete one pathway; ScB students must complete two pathways. Additional 1000-level courses are required as needed to get to nine courses for the AB and fifteen courses for the ScB.

The following links state the requirements for each concentration in detail:

Declaring Your Concentration In ASK

See our separate page of instructions on how to declare the concentration.