AB Requirements

The requirements for an AB are as follows:

A professional track is also available. To complete this track, you must complete the requirements for your concentration and complete two two-to-four-month full-time professional experiences, doing work that's related to your concentration program. Such work is normally done within an industrial organization, but may also be at a university under the supervision of a faculty member.

Calculus Prerequisite

You must either complete or place out of second-semester calculus (MATH 100, 170, or 190). Note that if you haven't had sufficient calculus in high school, you may need to take Math 90 (or other courses) before taking a second-semester calculus course. MATH 180, MATH 200, MATH 350, and ECON 170 also satisfy this requirement.

Introductory Courses

You must complete one of these introductory course sequences:

Intermediate Courses

Intermediate courses are grouped into categories as follows:



Systems (only one of CSCI 300 and CSCI 330 may be counted)