ScB Requirements

The requirements for an ScB are as follows:

A professional track is also available. To complete this track, you must complete the requirements for your concentration and complete two two-to-four-month full-time professional experiences, doing work that's related to your concentration program. Such work is normally done within an industrial organization, but may also be at a university under the supervision of a faculty member. More details are in the professional track page.

The Capstone

A capstone course is taken in your last undergraduate year. This course must be either a capstone-designated course in one of your pathways or a CS1970 on a topic within the general area of one of your pathways. You (alone or as part of a group) use a significant portion of your undergraduate education, broadly interpreted, to study some current topic in depth, to produce a culminating artifact such as a paper or software project. The title and abstract of the artifact, along with your and the faculty sponsor's names, will be placed in the CS website. The inclusion of a relevant image or system diagram is strongly encouraged. The complete text of the best artifacts of each class will be featured on the CS website.

Calculus Prerequisite

You must either complete or place out of second-semester calculus (MATH 100, 170, or 190). Note that if you haven't had sufficient calculus in high school, you may need to take Math 90 (or other courses) before taking a second-semester calculus course. MATH 180, MATH 200, MATH 350, and ECON 170 also satisfy this requirement.

Introductory Courses

You must complete one of these introductory course sequences:

Intermediate Courses

Intermediate courses are grouped into categories as follows:



Systems (only one of CSCI 300 and CSCI 330 may be counted)