Concentration Advising

When you sign up to be a concentrator in CS or its joint concentrations, you must meet with a concentration advisor. To sign up for a concentration, you should go to the Dean of the College's ASK page: There you may either ask for a particular faculty member as your advisor (taken from the tables below) or you may have one assigned to you.

Our intent is that your initial concentration advisor continues to be your advisor until you graduate. However, if for some reason the advising relationship is not working out, you may switch to someone else who agrees to become your new advisor. If your advisor is not available, for example is on leave, then the director of undergraduate studies or his designate will serve as your interim advisor.

Your advisor is not only the person you go to with questions, complaints, requests for exceptions, etc. She or he is someone who can discuss your plans with you, both your Brown plans and your post-Brown plans. We strongly urge you to take advantage of the advising program and meet with your advisor frequently. In addition, during the concentration-advising week every fall all concentrators must meet with their advisors and, if nothing else, make certain they are on track to graduate.

If you have any questions about the concentration-advising program or are having difficulty contacting your advisor, please contact the director of undergraduate studies, Tom Doeppner.

Note that not all faculty mentioned below are currently available as advisors. Please consult ASK for the list of those faculty who are available now.

CS Concentration Advisors
Stephen Bach CSCI 2952-C Learning with Limited Labeled Data, CSCI 1420 Machine Learning Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science
Theophilus Benson CSCI 1380 Distributed Computer Systems, CSCI 2952-E Topics in Network Management: Data-driven and Programmable Networks Computer Systems, Distributed Systems, Networking
Tom Doeppner CSCI 0330 Introduction to Computer Systems, CSCI 1670 Operating Systems, CSCI 1690 Operating Systems Laboratory, CSCI 1695 Operating System Design and Implementation Computer Systems
Kathi Fisler CSCI 0111 Computing Foundations: Data, CSCI 0180 CS: An Integrated Introduction Computing Education, Formal Methods, Programming Languages
Vasileios Kemerlis CSCI 1650 Software Security and Exploitation Computer Systems, Security and Cryptography
George Konidaris CSCI 1410 Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics
Shriram Krishnamurthi CSCI 0190 Accelerated Introduction to Computer Science, CSCI 1730 Design and Implementation of Programming Languages Programming Languages, Networking, Security and Cryptography, Software Engineering, Formal Methods, Human-Computer Interaction
David Laidlaw CSCI 2370 Interdisciplinary Scientific Visualization, CSCI 1951-T Surveying VR Data Visualization Software for Research Human-Computer Interaction, Graphics and Visualization, Computational Biology, Data Science, Design
Tim Nelson CSCI 1950-Y Logic for Systems, CSCI 0320 Introduction to Software Engineering Formal Methods
Ellie Pavlick CSCI 2952-I Language Processing in Humans and Machines, CSCI 1951-A Data Science Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Natural Language Processing
Steve Reiss CSCI 1320 Creating Modern Web Applications, CSCI 2340 Software Engineering,  Systems
Daniel Ritchie CSCI 2240: Interactive Computer Graphics, CSCI 2470 Deep Learning Graphics and Visualization, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision
Malte Schwarzkopf CSCI 2390 Privacy-Conscious Computer Systems, CSCI 0300 Fundamentals of Computer Systems Computer Systems, Distributed Systems, Database Systems
Ritambhara Singh CSCI 2952-G Deep Learning in Genomics,  Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computational Biology
Srinath Sridhar CSCI 2952-K Topics in 3D Computer Vision and Deep Learning, CSCI 1430 Computer Vision

Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Human-Computer Interaction

James Tompkin CSCI 1290 Computational Photography, CSCI 1430 Computer Vision, CSCI 1950-N 2D Game Engines Graphics and Visualization, Computer Vision, Human-Computer Interaction
Eli Upfal CSCI 1450 Probability for Computing and Data Analysis, 1550 Probabilistic Methods in Computer Science, CSCI 2540 Advanced Probabilistic Methods in Computer Science Algorithms and Theory, Computational Biology
Applied Mathematics-CS Concentration Advisors
Hongie Dong (AM)*    
Paul Dupuis    
Matthew Harrison    
Martin Maxey (AM)*    
Bjorn Sandstede (AM)*    
Philip Klein (CS) CSCI 2500A Advanced Algorithms, CSCI 2500B Optimization Algorithms for Planar Graphs Algorithms and Theory
Hui Wang    
Computational Biology Concentration Advisors
Sorin Istrail (CS) CSCI 1810 Algorithmic Foundations of Computational Biology, CSCI 2820 Advanced Algorithms in Computational Biology and Medical Bioinformatics Computational Biology
Charles Lawrence (AM)*    
Daniel Weinreich (Bio)*    
Computer Science-Economics Concentration Advisors
Geoffroy de Clippel (Econ)*    
Amy Greenwald (CS) CSCI 1410 Artificial Intelligence, CSCI 1440 Algorithmic Game Theory, CSCI 2440 Computation in Economics and Games Artificial Intelligence, Multi-Agent Systems, Reinforcement Learning, Algorithmic Game Theory
Bobby Pakzad-Hurson (Econ)*    
Kareen Rozen (Econ)*     
Roberto Serrano (Econ)*    
Mathematics-Computer ScienceConcentration Advisors
John Hughes (CS) CSCI 1230 Computer Graphics, CSCI 1234 Computer Graphics Lab, CSCI 0170 CS: An Integrated Introduction Graphics and Visualization
Jeffrey Hoffstein (AM)*    

*Faculty in other departments.