Ernesto Zaldivar

Associate Professor of the Practice of Computer Science

Email: ernesto_zaldivar@@@brown.edu

Research Areas: Security, Security Policy, Human-Computer Interaction

Fall 2022
CSCI1360  Human Factors in Cybersecurity
Spring 2023
CSCI1360  Human Factors in Cybersecurity
CSCI1800  Cybersecurity and International Relations

Ernesto Zaldivar is an Associate Professor of the Practice of Computer Science at Brown University and co-founder of the Master of Science in Cybersecurity program. His research is focused on information security awareness training within organizations, hack backs, deepfakes, election security, and the intersection of law and cybersecurity.

Professor Zaldivar has conducted novel field research to benchmark the way that Fortune 500 companies, financial firms, and government entities approach teaching employees to spot malicious cyber actors. In 2019, the Financial Times and McKinsey & Company named him as a finalist for the Bracken Bower Prize for a book proposal based on his information security research.

In addition to earning his Executive Master in Cybersecurity at Brown, Professor Zaldivar earned his Juris Doctor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Master of Education in Specialized Studies on Organizational Behavior, Management, and Training at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and a former Public Policy and International Affairs (PPIA) Fellow at Princeton University.