A Practical Introduction to Advanced 3D Robot Perception

Offered this year and most years

Spring 2025

This course is aimed at preparing graduate students and senior undergrads to do advanced work at the intersection of two important and popular fields: computer vision and robotics. The course will focus on the latest advances through lectures, readings, and discussion groups. The lectures and readings will be designed to represent a mix of classical techniques as well as the most recent advances in the two fields. The unique highlight of this course is the inclusion of a practical component: students will implement a project that combines computer vision and robotics by using cameras and a real robot arm. Students will form teams for this project and have exclusive access to a camera and a small robot arm both of which can be interfaced with the students' laptops. Pre-reqs: One of CSCI 1430, CSCI 1470, CSCI 1951R, CSCI 1230.

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