Distributed Systems at Scale: Microservices Management

Not offered this year
Offered most years, last taught:

Fall 2022

This seminar investigates and explores cutting edge challenges and issues in the emerging Microservices paradigm. Microservices are a specific cloud paradigm for enabling distributed systems and applications at scale. In particular, this course builds on the foundations provided by the initial distributed systems, networking and operating systems offering (i.e., CSCI 1380, CSCI 1680, CSCI 1670) and explores how these concepts are used to realize, manage, and orchestrate microservices. The course is driven by materials from academic conferences and industrial blogs. The industrial blogs will provide context and motivation for different problems. The academic reasons will provide a deep divide into the technical details: we will focus on reading, analyzing, critiquing and brainstorming academic papers. Students taking this class should be familiar with reading academic literature, performing critical analysis, and working on open ended problems with undefined solutions. More information: