Distributed Systems at Scale: Infrastructure for Online Web Services

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Location:CIT 241
Meeting Time:M,W 1:00-2:20
Exam Group:06: 14-DEC-2019 Exam Time: 09:00:00 AM
Semester:1 (Fall)
Offered this year?Yes
When Offered?Most years


In this class, we will explore the broader theme of understanding the design principles for architecting large scale distributed systems for online web services and big data analytics. Of particular importance will be implication of various design choices on latency both between applications within the cloud and between external facing services and the users they serve. The goal is to touch upon relevant dimensions in the design space ranging from consistency models, networking, storage, virtualization, and big data application frameworks to cloud security and reliability.

Toward this goal, the class will cover key topics in distributed systems, cloud systems, and networking, such as the architecture of various cloud computing frameworks and large infrastructure providers; popular and emerging storage paradigms; the internals of data center networks; the promise of, and challenges in, Software Defined Networking; state-of-the-art schemes for Cloud security and fault tolerance. The hope is to extract key lessons for designing infrastructure for web services and large scale distributed systems at various points along the course.

Note that the list of topics covered is, of course, not complete; e.g., it does not include, e.g., core virtualization technologies and Cloud programming languages, both of which are central to software-defined clouds. These may be covered in detail in future special-topics classes.

CRN: 17497