(Formerly CS015)

Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming and Computer Science

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Location:TBD (Remote Asynch in section 02)
Meeting Time:K: TTh 2:30-3:50
Offered this year?Yes
When Offered?Every year


Emphasizes object-oriented design and programming in Java, an effective modern technique for producing modular, reusable, internet-aware programs. Also introduces interactive computer graphics, user interface design, and some fundamental data structures and algorithms. The course features a sequence of successively more complex graphics programs, including Tetris, and culminating in a significant final project such as an interactive sketching program, Othello, PacMan or a student-designed application. CS15 helps provide a serious introduction to the field intended for both potential concentrators and those who may take only a single course. No prerequisites, no prior knowledge of programming required.

CRN: 16047