David H. Laidlaw

Professor of Computer Science

Office:CIT 521
Email: dhl@@@cs.brown.edu

Research Areas: Human-Computer Interaction, Graphics and Visualization, Computational Biology, Data Science, Design

Fall 2022
CSCI2370  Interdisciplinary Scientific Visualization
Spring 2023
CSCI1951-T  Surveying VR Data Visualization Software for Research

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David Laidlaw is interested in visualization and modeling applications of computer graphics and computer science to other scientific disciplines. Applications give a real-world direction to computational research and are also compelling because they can provide concrete answers to questions about how our world works. He is working with researchers in, for example, archaeology, developmental neurobiology, medical imaging, orthopaedics, art, cognitive science, remote sensing, and fluid mechanics to develop new computational applications and to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Some applications he is particularly interested in are visualization of multivalued multidimensional imaging data, comparisons of virtual and nonvirtual environments for scientific tasks, and applications of art and perception to visualization.