Computing with Emerging Technology

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Meeting Time:T hr: MW 3-4:20
Offered this year?Yes
When Offered?Occasionally


In the past, computer system performance was driven by improvements in silicon fabrication technology. However, a number of promising candidates for new basic technologies have emerged recently, including single-molecule organic switches and non-volatile memory structures. This course will consider how these new basic devices will affect our past assumptions about computing from both hardware and software perspectives. Class will include a mix of lectures and discussion on assigned reading of recent publications. Students will be responsible for leading and participating in these discussions. A course project will also be required. Prerequisites: some knowledge of computer architecture is helpful, but not required.

This is a discussion-focused course that thrives on everybody's contributions, including on group work for literature reviews and the final project. In-person course meetings will allow live remote participation (likely via Zoom); this means you must be able to attend live. There are no recorded lectures, and participation makes up part of the course grade. If live attendance will be a challenge for you, please contact the instructor prior to enrolling.

Group projects may involve collaboration with remote team members; however, all students get to choose their team members for the final project and nobody will be forced to collaborate in-person or remotely.

CRN: 17529