Systems Transforming Systems

Offered this year and every year

Fall 2022

Τhe course will have a dual focus: 60% on advanced topics related to component, package, and module systems 40% on academic communication — mostly writing These two foci will be structured as overlapping layers — component systems in the foreground, academic communication in the background. The foreground layer will investigate state-of-the-art software components and systems that support them. Software components are used pervasively in computer science, and thus the course takes a holistic approach, studying issues of software components from multiple perspectives. Topics will include module systems, separate compilation, linking, transformations, composition, DSLs, program analysis, secure compilation, and component ecosystems. A second but important focus will be on academic and technical communication — with an emphasis on all aspects of writing academic papers. We will be using the different topics of the foreground layer as vehicles to explore, study, and practice this. Students should have familiarity with programming.

Location:Smith-Buonanno G12
Meeting Time:W 3pm-5:30pm
Exam Group:TBD