Personal Informatics Seminar

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Offered this year?No
When Offered?Occasionally


Data science for data about you. Computing is expanding our ability to collect and process data about our everyday lives. This seminar covers personal informatics, the collection of data from daily activities for reflection and self-experimentation. We will cover methods for knowing more about yourself through using technology to track different types of data and how to interpret them, and run controlled experiments on yourself. We will learn about behavioral analytics, experimental design, time-series analysis and apply them to domains of health, productivity, travel, wellness. These topics will be pursued through independent reading, exercises, class discussion, and a semester-long self-tracking and experimentation project. Students should already be comfortable working programmatically with data, and preferably taken a course in: data science, machine learning, user interfaces, or probability/statistics. The seminar will have limited enrollment. Please see for details, and fill out to apply if interested.

Prerequisites: One of: CSCI 1300, CSCI 2300, CSCI 1951A, CSCI 1420, CSCI 1450, or instructor permission

CRN: None