Great Ideas in Computer Science

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Location:CIT 241
Meeting Time:J hr: T,Th 1:00-2:20
Exam Group:08: 14-DEC-2019 Exam Time: 02:00:00 PM
Offered this year?No
When Offered?Occasionally


Students will read and present major papers from across all areas of computer science in the last 70 years. The course is intended for sophomores and above who are interested in understanding how "great ideas" have driven vast and persevering shifts in computer science. While the tech industry constantly seeks the "latest and greatest", in this class we will instead seek to understand and identify enduring sources of value in the field, both past and future. Assignments include 2 paper presentations to the class, weekly short responses to papers, and a final project. The class is heavily discussion-based.

CRN: 17844