Robust Algorithms for Machine Learning

Offered this year and most years

Fall 2022

As machine learning systems start to make more important decisions in our society, we need learning algorithms that are reliable and robust. In this course, we will (1) cover basic tools in linear algebra, matrix calculus, and statistics that are useful in theoretical machine learning, (2) explore different adversarial models and examine whether existing algorithms are robust in these models, and (3) design and analyze provably robust algorithms for fundamental tasks in machine learning. In particular, we will focus on the research areas of high-dimensional robust statistics, non-convex optimization, learning with strategic agents, and spectral graph theory. This is a research-oriented course where students will be asked to read and present sophisticated papers in top machine learning conferences. Knowledge of basic linear algebra, algorithms and data structures, and probability and statistics is essential. Prior experience with machine learning is useful but not required.

Location:CIT 477
Meeting Time:M 3pm-5:30pm
Exam Group:03