(Formerly CS125)

Introduction to Computer Animation

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Location:CIT 316
Meeting Time:M,W 12:00-1:50
Offered this year?Yes
When Offered?Most years


Introduction to 3D computer animation production including story writing, production planning, modeling, shading, animation, lighting and compositing. The first part of the course leads students through a series of exercises that build on each other to learn basic skills in 2D and 3D animation. At each step, student work is evaluated for expressiveness, technical correctness and aesthetic qualities. Students then work in groups (3-4 students) to create a polished short animation. The class format includes lecture, in-class projects, and viewing animations. The emphasis, however, is on in-class critique of ongoing work which is essential to the cycle of visually evaluating work in progress, determining possible improvements, and implementing them for further evaluation.

Enrollment limited to 20. Instructor permission required. Please see course website for application procedure.

CRN: 16055