Anna A Lysyanskaya

James A. and Julie N. Brown Professor of Computer Science

Office:CIT 501
Email: alysyans@@@cs.brown.edu
Assistant: Lori Agresti

Research Areas: Security and Cryptography

Fall 2023
CSCI2590  Advanced Topics in Cryptography
Spring 2024
CSCI1040  The Basics of Cryptographic Systems

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Anna Lysyanskaya's primary research area is cryptography, the study of protecting communication and computation against malicious users. The fundamental problems in this area are secure communication, authentication of data, pseudorandomness, and secure multi-party computation.

Prof. Lysyanskaya wrote her Ph.D. thesis on digital signature schemes and their applications in protocols. Her thesis explores the uses of digital signature schemes in cryptographic protocols, as well as proposes several signature schemes especially suitable for use in protocols.

Cryptography in general, and signature schemes in particular, depends on computational assumptions. A proof that a scheme is unbreakable amounts to showing that solving a certain computational problem is infeasible in any reasonable time. Unconditional proofs of infeasibility of problems relevant to cryptography are not known, and they would imply that P is different from NP. Therefore, in cryptography we have to settle for assumptions that certain tasks are infeasible.

Prof. Lysyanskaya is interested in such issues as efficient and provably secure cryptographic protocols, minimal complexity assumptions for achieving security in various settings, and secure distributed computation.