Real-time and Embedded Software

  • Milda Zizyte
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Location:CIT 241 (Remote Asynch possible)
Meeting Time:O hr: Friday 3:00-5:30
Exam Group:11: 16-DEC-2021 Exam Time: 02:00:00 PM
Offered this year?Yes
When Offered?Most years


Comprehensive introduction to the design and implementation of software for programmable embedded computing systems, in applications such as Internet of Things, transportation, and mobile. Includes the overall embedded real-time software design and development processes, with a focus on engineering for reliability. Major project component. Prerequisites: one of CSCI 0300, CSCI 0320, CSCI 0330, CSCI 1310, or CSCI 1330

Labs are being held Tu and Th 4:00-6:00 in CIT 265

CRN: 17959