Topics in Advanced Algorithmics: Algorithmic Game Theory, 3D Computational Geometry, Quantum Computing

Not offered this year
Offered occasionally, last taught:

Summer 2018

The first half of the course will be on the following topics, connecting computer science to economics: introduction to mechanism design, combinatorial auctions, computational efficiency in mechanisms, profit maximization, distributed aspects, cost sharing, and online mechanisms.

The second half of the course consists of two topics in algorithmic theory: 3D-computational geometry, its model and foundations, convex hulls, intersection, proximity; introduction to quantum computing, foundations, networks, notable algorithms, and a critical review.

There will be one numerical grade for each half of the course, then the two grades will be reconciled by the two instructors into a final letter grade.

Each student can choose whether they want a letter grade or prefer S/NC. First class will be held on WEDNESDAY, January 23rd.