Computer Systems Security

Offered this year and every year

Spring 2024

This course teaches computer security principles from an applied viewpoint and provides hands-on experience with security threats and countermeasures. The course additionally covers principles and skills useful for making informed security decisions and for understanding how security interacts with the world around it. The main topics covered are cryptography, authentication, access control, web security, and network security. Other topics include cybersecurity ethics and privacy. The course aims to balance theory and practice. These advanced versions focus on real-world skills: performing attacks that are more difficult and rely on less serious vulnerabilities, and creating attacks that achieve a higher standard of quality than a mere ”proof of concept.” This course covers the same material as CSCI 1620 and 1660 and shares their assignments. Graduate students only.

Location:CIT 368
Meeting Time:TTh 2:30pm-3:50pm
Exam Group:11