Data Science Fluency

  • Linda Clark
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Location:Page-Robinson Hall 403
Meeting Time:K hr: T,Th 2:30-3:50
Exam Group:11: 08-MAY-2020 Exam Time: 02:00:00 PM
Offered this year?Yes
When Offered?Occasionally


As data science becomes more visible, are you becoming more curious about its unique amalgamation of computer programming, statistics, and visualizing or storytelling? Have you ever wondered how these areas fit together and what a data scientist does? This course offers all students regardless of background the opportunity for hands-on data science experience, following a data science process from an initial research question, through data analysis, to the storytelling of the data. Along the way, you will learn about the ethical considerations of working with data through ethics spotting, and become more aware of societal impacts of data science.

CRN: 26725