Design of Robotic Systems

Not offered this year
Offered occasionally, last taught:

Spring 2022

Designing kinetic systems (i.e., systems that require movement or motion) relies on both mechanical and electrical engineering. These systems include everything from mobile robots used for rescue operation to electrically powered moving sculptures. Through a series of projects, students combine their knowledge of electronic circuit design, sensors, actuators, motors, microcontrollers, control theory and programming to build interactive art and robotic systems. Projects culminate in the design of a creative kinetic system that incorporates several of the principles learned in class. Some programming experience is helpful but not required. While there are no specific prerequisites for this course, it is assumed that students have some prior programming experience (e.g., CSCI111, 150, 170, ENGN30, 31, 32). Some prior digital system/circuit design, or robotics experience is also very helpful (e.g., ENGN500, ENGN520, ENGN1630, CSCI1951C, CSCI1951R), but not required.

Students interested in this course should register for ENGN-1931i