Hypertext/Hypermedia Seminar: The Web Was Not the Beginning and the Web Is Not the End

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Location:Online / Synchronous Required
Meeting Time:N hr: Wednesdays 3:00-5:20
Offered this year?Yes
When Offered?Occasionally


A “hypertext” system is for creating, linking, exploring, annotating, and searching for information. Designed 30-years ago, the World Wide Web is a hypertext system gone global, but the Web represents only a small part of past visions. Students will explore hypertext’s history through hands-on use of systems from the 1970s onward, identifying features still not in common use. They will study the architecture, design, and features of hypertext systems, examining topics such as permanence, collaboration, searching, content design patterns, and societal impact. A final project will explore what hypertext systems might look like in the 2020s.

CRN: 16873