(Formerly CS019)

Accelerated Introduction to Computer Science

Offered this year and every year

Fall 2024

A one-semester introduction to CS covering programming integrated with core data structures, algorithms, and analysis techniques, similar to the two-course introductory sequences (CSCI 0150-0200 and CSCI 0170-0200).

All students wishing to take CSCI 0190, irrespective of prior preparation, must pass a sequence of online placement assignments during the summer. Though the placement process is most appropriate for students who have had some prior programming experience, it is self-contained so all are welcome to try learning the provided material and attempting placement. Placement information will be available by June 1st at

Please do not request override codes. The only way to get into the class is through placement. Students who do not successfully pass the placement process won't be allowed to register.

Course Home Page:
Location:CIT 368
Meeting Time:MWF 9-9:50a
Exam Group:09