Choreorobotics 0101: Robotics and Choreography

  • Sydney Skybetter
  • Eric Rosen
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Meeting Time:I hr: TTh 10:30-11:50
Exam Group:09: 19-MAY-2022 Exam Time: 02:00:00 PM
Offered this year?Yes
When Offered?Most years


This course explores overlapping concepts in the fields of robotics and choreography. Inspired by Boston Dynamics’ recent robotic dance performances, topics in this class will explore motion planning, inverse and forward kinematics, and robotic programming, as well as choreography, puppetry, dance history and theories of embodiment.

Students will work on projects that aim to make robots dance in both real and simulated environments, as well foster research in the interstices of robotics and performance.

Interested students should register for TAPS 1750, CRN 25516. No formal prerequisites but students will find it helpful if they've taken CSCI 1410, CSCI 2951F, CSCI 2951x or have previous dance experience.

Students must register for TAPS 1750.

CRN: 25516