(Formerly CS166)

Computer Systems Security

Offered this year and most years

Spring 2023

This course teaches principles of computer security from an applied viewpoint and provides hands-on experience on security threats and countermeasures. Topics include code execution vulnerabilities (buffer overflow, sandboxing, mobile code), malware (trojans, viruses, and worms), access control (users, roles, policies), cryptosystems (hashing, signatures, certificates), network security (firewalls, TLS, intrusion detection, VPN), and human and social issues (usability, social engineering, digital rights management).

Prerequisite: CSCI0160, CSCI0180 or CSCI0190, and CSCI 0330.

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Location:CIT 368
Meeting Time:J hr: TTh 1-2:20
Exam Group:13-MAY-2023 09:00 AM