Master's Project Reports


  Anand, Suraj

Icon How to Promote Structural In-Context Learning with Forgetting (1.9 MB)

  Do, Minh Quan

Icon Large Language Models Help Long-Term Action Anticipation from Videos and Versatile Action Models for Video Understanding (10.8 MB)

  Dong, Tianren

Icon Scaling and Securing the Peteramati Grading System with Docker Containers (740.1 KB)

  Dou, Jonathan

Icon Segmenting and Classifying Large Histopathology Images from UBC-OCEAN (8.2 MB)

  Edmonds, Ryan

Icon Constructing Auctions from Fair-Division Mechanisms (475.0 KB)

  Feng, Pinyuan

Icon Adversarial Alignment: breaking the trade-off between strength of an attack and its relevance to human perception (795.0 KB)

  Ha, Jun Suk

Icon Video3D: Single Image to 3D using Video Diffusion and Volume Renderer (1.4 MB)

  Kreuze, Jakob

Icon Authorization to Lend and Reproduce the Thesis (301.6 KB)

  Li, Yuanbo

Icon Possible Impossibles: Exploratory Procedural Design of Impossible Structures (7.9 MB)

  Liu, Yishan (Sarah)

Icon SWIFT Final Paper (129.6 KB)

  Luo, Yunhao

Icon Potential Based Diffusion Motion Planning (10.0 MB)

  Ma, Yumeng

Icon Visual Prosthesis: Enhancing Daily Experiences for People with Visual Impairments (11.3 MB)

  Makar Limanov, Jacob

Icon STA-RLHF: Stackelberg Aligned Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (638.2 KB)

  Meraz, Janeth

Icon GHOST in the Robot: Virtual Reality Teleoperation for Mobile Manipulation (2.2 MB)

  Sun, William

Icon The Time Travel Index: Supporting Efficient Historical Queries over the Mach Storage Engine (230.1 KB)

  Tavanger, Zaul

Icon Integrating Advanced Mapping and Itinerary Planning Features in Dash (5.7 MB)

  Tripp, Christopher

Icon Weakly Supervised Machine Learning for Radio Frequency Interference Detection in 21 cm Cosmology (1.2 MB)

  Tse, Courtney

Icon Improving Human-Robot Communication of Heirarchical Task Planning through LLMs (269.5 KB)

  Tromanhauser, Max

Icon Private Set Intersection in Two Extended Settings (1.8 MB)

  Wu, Chao

Icon Server Aided PIR-PSI for Unbalanced Set Sizes (119.3 KB)

  Ye, Celina

Icon Mixed Reality Passthrough Window Laptop (6.8 MB)

  Yong, Zheng Xin

Icon Low-Resource Languages Jailbreak GPT-4 (1.6 MB)

  Yu, Jenny

Icon Scaling and Securing the Peteramati Grading System with Docker Containers (740.1 KB)

  Zeng, Zilai

Icon Goal-Conditioned Predictive Coding for Offline Reinforcement Learning (1.6 MB)

  Zhang, Yuan

Icon Pre-trained Vision-Language Models Learn Discoverable Visual Concepts (4.3 MB)

  Zhu, Jiayang

Icon Semantic Attention Flow Fields v2 (4.2 MB)



  Chen, Catherine

   Icon Evaluating Search Explainability with Psychometrics and Crowdsourcing (2.6 MB)

  Chen, Yiwen and Ren, Jiahao

   Icon CLIP NeRFlica: Unsupervised Semantic Recognition of Room-scaled Scenes (4.2 MB)

  Chernosky, Brynn

   Icon Physics Simulations in the Dash Hypermedia System (1.1 MB)

  Christou, Neophytes

   Icon Preventing Speculative Probing Attacks (246.5 KB)

  Dekle, Max

   Icon Quantifying Static Privilege Reduction in External JavaScript Libraries (110.1 KB)

  Demetci, Pinar

   Icon Statistical and Cominatorial Methods to Predict Gene Expression and Identify eQTLs from Haplotype Sequences (2.7 MB)

  Fu, Changcheng

   Icon Prompt-based Object-centric Video Representation for Action Anticipation (7.0 MB)

  Fu, Haotian

   Icon Model-based Lifelong Reinforcement Learning with Bayesian Exploration (2.2 MB)

  Goktas, Denizalp

   Icon Tâtonnement in Homothetic Fisher Markets (702.1 KB)

  Golovanevsky, Michal

   Icon Multimodal Attention-based Deep Learning for Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis (3.0 MB)  

  Howe, Wyatt

   Icon A Federated Public-Document Private-Query Search System (426.6 KB)

  Kaan, Ozulkulu

   Icon Analysis of Leveraging C++ via Pybind11 for POMDP Problems Defined in Python (169.4 KB)

  Li, Shihang

   Icon Leave Nothing Idle: Filling Datacenter Resource Utilization Gaps with Quicksand (802.8 KB)

  Lu, Cheng-You

   Icon HyperBuff Branched Per-Frame Neural Radiance Fields using HyperNetwork (35.4 MB)

  Luo, Calvin

   Icon Understanding Diffusion Models: A Unified Perspective (4.9 MB)

  Maynard, Patrick

   Icon Enabling Few-Shot Learning on TESS Data with Prototypical Neural Networks (3.8 MB)

  Peng, Kathy

   Icon Attention-Eraser: Training Latents in the Denoising Process to Adjust the Size of User-Select Tokens (20.0 MB)

  Ramesh, Dev

   Icon Teaching Robots Social Norms with Behavior Trees (3.8 MB)

  Ryjikov, Benjamin

   Icon Detailing a Translation From the Calculus of Inductive Constructions into Higher Order Logic (189.4 KB)

  Scherick, James

Icon A Survey of De Bruijn Graph Properties, Theorems, and Algorithms (13.1 MB)


  Sriram, Abhinav

   Icon Decentralized Markets for Public Goods: Solving Collective Action Problems Using Blockchains (3.6 MB)

  Zhou, Peisen

   Icon Medical Imaging Segmentation with Self-Supervised Learning (1.9 MB)

  Zhou, Tongyu

   Icon Filtered ink: Creating Dynamic Illustrations with SVG Filters (15.6 MB)

  Zhuo, Wang

   Icon FLEXIM_Learning similarity functions for time-series data (1.4 MB)



Alabdulrazzaq, Bader and Zhang, Ce and Fu, Changcheng
Icon Addressing Limitations of Slot Attention using a Multiscale Hierarchical Approach (1.6 MB)
Bagaria, Akhil and Senthil, Jason
Icon Skill Discovery for Exploration and Planning using Deep Skill Graphs (3.0 MB)
Blinn, Bryce
Icon Body-Aware Chair Generative Models (173.9 KB)
Chaaya, Richard Abou
     Icon Type-based System Call Filtering with Temporal Specialization (193.3 KB)
Ding, Sijie
Icon Canonical Arrangements (1.3 MB)
Gong, Zhouqi
Icon Towards a Perceptual Similarity Measure for 3D Shapes (8.6 MB)
Houchens, Trevor
Icon Neural Omnidirectional Distance Fields (1.1 MB)
Kim, Yongjeong
Icon P4GPP: A GPU Accelerated P4 Packet Processing (789.9 KB)
Nelson, Casey
Icon Eliminating Micro-architectural Side-Channel Attacks using NDP (480.6 KB)
Pal, Koyena
Icon Summarization and Generation of Discharge Summary Medical Reports (1.1 MB)
Pehlivanoglu, Sinan
Icon Harpocrates: A Statically Typed Privacy Conscious Programming Framework (136.8 KB)
Pierce, Joshua,
      Icon Neural Causal Discovery and Social Science Research (1.2 MB)
Romero, Alejandro
Icon CatchAR: Prototyping Partial Object Manipulation, Naturalistic Throwing Interactions, and Intuitive Navigation Systems with AR Glasses (6.5 MB)
Roy, Chitradeep Dutta
Icon Shapely residual estimation (329.7 KB)
Rudman, William and Gillman, Nate
      Icon IsoScore: Measuring the Uniformity of Embedding Space Utilization (1.2 MB)
Shao, Yunzhi
Icon Speculative Compilation of Complex UDFS in Python Data Science (378.3 KB)
Sharma, Gaurav and Glass, Geoffrey
Icon Handling Concept Drift in Weakly Supervised Learning (843.2 KB)
Sharma, Ishan
Icon Read-Your-Writes Consistency in Streaming Dataflow Systems (471.6 KB)
Woodard, Brandon
Icon Increasing the Use of LiDAR Data for Forestry Applications: Model for Ground Identification in Waveforms (1.2 MB)
Yun, Tian and Bhalla Usha
Icon Do Vision-Language Pretrained Models Learn Primitive Concepts? (2.0 MB)


Berckmann, Tucker
Icon Structure and Meaning in Word Embedding Spaces (384.9 KB)
Boger, Sam
Icon L-Diversity for Data Analysis: Data Swapping with Customized Clustering (364.5 KB)
Qin, Lucy
Icon A Decentralized and Encrypted National Gun Registry (1.9 MB)
Sumigray, Austin
Icon Improving Remote Environment Visualization through 360 6DoF Multi-sensor Fusion for VR Telerobotics (17.9 MB)


Alfajardo, Jearson
Icon Assessing the Correctness of Debloating Binary Shared Libraries with LibFilter (106.7 KB)
Beck, Jacob
Icon Human-Actor Human-Critic: Human Demonstrations and Human Feedback in the Action-Space (3.7 MB)
Cohen, Loudon
Icon Shape From Tracing Report (7.4 MB)
Goel, Purvi
Icon Shape from Tracing: Reconstructing 3D Geometry and SVBRDF Material from Images via Differentiable Pathtracing (204.5 KB)
Hiziroglu, Berkan
Icon Perceptual Image Similarity for Unsupervised Representation Learning (440.8 KB)
Horvitz, Zachary
Icon Context-Driven Satirical Headline Generation (1.8 MB)
Ilkhechi, Amir Rahimzadeh
Icon DeepSqueeze: Deep Semantic Compression for Tabular Data (1.8 MB)
Kim, Seungchan (Chan)
Icon Adaptive Tuning of Temperature in Mellowmax using Meta-Gradients (520.9 KB)
Lei, Leon
Icon Assembly of 3D Rooms into Floor Plans from Retrieved Layouts (1.4 MB)
Lindsay, Natalie
Icon Roominoes: Learning to Assemble 3D Rooms into Floor Plans (477.8 KB)
Ma, Jingxiao
Icon Approximate Logic Synthesis Using Boolean Matrix Factorization (1.0 MB)
Ma, Ziyin
Icon Fauxtoshop: Modeling Image Editing Operations with Kernel Prediction Networks and Parameter Blocks (6.8 MB)
Narain, Akshar
Icon Using Rust to Implement WEASEL+MUSE and RustyDB (655.7 KB)
Roy, Josh
Icon Visual Transfer for Reinforcement Learning via Wasserstein Domain Confusion (1.5 MB)
Shah, Aansh
Icon Comparing Global with Disease specific Machine-learned Readmission Prediction Models (443.2 KB)
Shin, Milla
Icon Applications of computer vision to population dynamics: detecting flowering trees in high-resolution cube-sat imagery (1.0 MB)
Sinha, Shash
Icon Assisting with Scalable Scalable Vector Graphics and VisConnect (7.3 MB)
Slivinski, Matthew
Icon Robust Deep Skill Chaining (1.1 MB)
Snower, Michael
Icon Improving Unpaired Object Translation for Unaligned Domains (10.6 MB)
Srinivasan, Naveen
Icon Causal Inference for Planning in Reinforcement Learning: Part 2 (334.6 KB)
Sunkara, Veda
Icon Causal Inference for Planning in Reinforcement Learning: Part 1/2 (739.7 KB)
Teng, Changmin
Icon NestFuzz: A Framework for Fuzzing Nested Virtualization Environments (116.1 KB)
Varga, Alexander
Icon Forging Forge: Contributions to the Forge Programming Language (1.1 MB)
Vexler, Jonathan
Icon Characterization of Forward-edge Control-flow Integrity Targets in LLVM-compiled Linux (96.4 KB)
Wang, Siqi
Icon Stylistic Compatibility Learning with Deep Neural Networks for Indoor Scene (2.6 MB)


Blum, Roman
Icon Treating Agents as Workers (517.7 KB)
Conard, Ashley
Icon Identification of Subclonal Drivers and Copy-Number Variants from Bulk and Single-Cell DNA Sequencing of Tumors (12.8 MB)
Drelich, Arun
Icon Experiments with AIR: A Generative Model for Scenes (199.3 KB)
Gokaslan, Aaron
Icon Exploring the Spectrum of Mask Supervision for unpaid Image-to-Image Translation (3.4 MB)
Huang, Baichuan
Icon Flight, Camera, Action! Using Natural Language and Mixed Reality to Control a Drone (3.1 MB)
Lister, Jonathan
Icon Project Report: Leveraging Near Memory Processing for Cuckoo Cycles (102.4 KB)
Luo, Shiyang
Icon Weak Supervision for Sequence Modeling (133.4 KB)
McKinney, Samuel
Icon Graph-Based Analysis for IoT Devices with Manufacturer Usage Descriptions (1.5 MB)
Rice, Freddie
Icon Color Constancy through Adjusting for Ambient Light (530.8 KB)
Yang, Jordan
Icon Simple Representation of Protein Structure and Folding Techniques (310.8 KB)


Arumugam, Dilip
Icon Deep Reinforcement Learning from Policy-Dependent Human Feedback (979.0 KB)
Dutta, Abhishek
Icon Applied Machine Learning to Healthcare Predictive Analytics (434.4 KB)
Fu, Jessica
Icon Sochiatrist - Using Conversational and Biometric Data to Predict Mood (659.1 KB)
Haq, Aman
Icon Sketchy: Interactive-Influenced Design (77.8 KB)
He, Yuze
Icon Final Project Report (64.0 KB)
Jones, Andrew
Icon Computational modeling of visual attention and saliency in the Smart Playroom (1.9 MB)
Pendse, Sachin
Icon Sochiatrist: Inferring the Relationship Between Emotion and Private Social Messages (2.1 MB)
Sharma, Abhishek
Icon Off-Chain Insured Networks (348.6 KB)
Tumkur Vani, Sumukha
Icon Rethinking Distributed Indexing for RDMA-Based Networks (468.0 KB)
Utama, Prasetya
Icon Evaluating Attribute-Object Compositionality in Text-Image Multimodal Embeddings (7.4 MB)
Wilson, Preston
Icon Student Understanding of Aliasing and Procedure Calls (528.5 KB)
Xiang, Yu
Icon Final Project Report (101.5 KB)


Camery, Luke
Icon On Information Aggregation in Prediction Markets (275.1 KB)
Hawkins, Craig
Icon BrownNow A Current Events Application for Brown University (3.5 MB)
Hrytsenko, Yana
Icon Blockchain for PKI: Using Blockchain data structure for Public Key Infrastructure (144.1 KB)
Johnson-Roberson, Cora
Icon Content-Based Genre Classification and Sample Recognition Using Topic Models (161.4 KB)
Kelly, Samuel
Icon Fast Type-based Indexing and Querying of Dynamic Hierarchical Data (571.7 KB)
Pane, Gianluca
Icon Hypergraph Valuations with Restricted Overlapping (423.9 KB)
Singhal, Kartik
Icon How to Reason about Correctness of Programs Designed for Non-Volatile Memory? (1.0 MB)
Solanka, Dronika
Icon Automatic Lung Cancer Detection Using Volumetric CT Imaging Features (1.7 MB)
Su, Ying
Icon Data Visualization of the EchoQuery System (2.1 MB)
Tian, Yulong
Icon Data Migration from S-Store to BigDAWG (572.6 KB)
Tveite, Joshua
Icon Masters Project Report (43.8 KB)
Wang, Bikong
Icon The Release of S-Store System (249.0 KB)
Watson, Jeremy
Icon Automating the Collection and Processing of Cancer Mutation Data (708.6 KB)


Chen, Junyang
Icon Achieving QoE Fairness in Video Streaming via Client-Network Interaction (1.7 MB)
Hendricks, Jordan
Icon kGuard++: Improving the Performance of kGuard with Low-latency Code Inflation (200.2 KB)
Murphy, Michael
Icon YURT Project Document (82.8 KB)
Olsson, Carl
Icon Scene Category Context for 3D Object Detection with RGBD cameras (4.0 MB)
Painton, Lee
Icon BURLAP BAG An Adjustable Game Engine for the BURLAP framework (314.7 KB)
Romanski, Julia
Icon Algorithms for Large-Scale Prescriptive Evacuations (1.7 MB)
Rosenthal, Eli
Icon Linearizable Iterators (203.0 KB)
Shao, Qiming
Icon Spark, BlinkDB and Sampling (790.6 KB)
Shen, John
Icon Developing an annotations system for the collaborative web application MAGI (Mutation Annotation and Genome Interpretation (1.3 MB)
Sun, Hongkai
Icon General Baggage Model for End-to-End Tracing and Its Application on Critical Path Analysis (692.4 KB)
Tang, Jikai
Icon TrendsMap A Real-time US Trends Map for Twitter (1.8 MB)
Whalen, Christine
Icon TrendsMap A Real-time US Trends Map for Twitter (6.1 MB)


Abel, David
Icon Learning to Plan in Complex Stochastic Domains (829.3 KB)
Barth-Maron, Gabriel
Icon Learning Deep State Representations With Convolutional Autoencoders (549.0 KB)
Eichmann, Philipp
Icon Evaluating Subjective Accuracy in Time Series Pattern-Matching Using Human-Annotated Rankings (1.2 MB)
Harder, Brigitte
Icon Implementing TPC-E, A Streaming Benchmark (1.1 MB)
Icon The Effect of Visual Aspects of Website Design on User Perception: Project Specification (234.9 KB)
Ho, Mark
Icon Teaching Agents with Evaluative Feedback: Communication versus Reward (3.5 MB)
Li, Junsong
Icon Shrinking Desugaring (88.4 KB)
Li, Yiming
Icon Simon: Scriptable Interactive Monitoring for SDNs (187.3 KB)
Ni, Mengrui
Icon Variational Inference for Beta-Bernoulli Dirichlet Process Mixture Models (6.3 MB)
Parsons, Timothy
Icon SimVis - A Portable Framework for Simulating Virtual Environments (529.0 KB)
Repetti, Thomas
Icon A Case Study in Optimizing HTM-Enabled Dynamic Data Structures: Patricia Tries (317.9 KB)
Roelke, Ryan
Icon Dynamic Causal Monitoring for Distributed Systems (3.1 MB)
Xiang, Lingzhu
Icon Mapping and Control with Telepresence Robots (820.6 KB)
Zhao, Zhe
Icon zhao.zhe.pdf (1.1 MB)


Ellis, Marquita
Icon Early Foundations of a Transactional Boosting Library for Scala and Java (213.2 KB)
Gao, Fan
Icon A Concurrent Skip List Implementation with RTM and HLE (139.6 KB)
Ghosh, Esha
Icon Verifiable Member and Order Queries on a List in Zero-Knowledge (639.3 KB)
LeVeque, Benjamin
Icon Extending Touch Art Gallery (18.8 MB)
Li, Yan
Icon Laboratory for Engineering Man-Machine System (LEMS): Report of the Reading & Research (1.2 MB)
Lu, Xinyi
Icon HDFS Cluster Installation Automation for TupleWare (402.6 KB)
Shah, Valay Y.
Icon Sketch2Real: A New photoediting tool for digital alchemy (18.2 MB)
Zhang, Minrui
Icon CS2980: Model-based Semantic Compression in Database Project Report (478.9 KB)
Zhang, Shu
Icon Column-based Database Semantic Compression and Prediction-based Query Optimization (551.8 KB)
Zhong, Zhigang
Icon Fractal Tree Implementation with Intel Hardware Supported Transactional Memory (106.1 KB)
Zhou, Rui (Ray)
Icon Datacenter Network Large Flow Detection and Scheduling from the Edge (920.0 KB)
Zhou, Yipin
Icon Explore the Power of External Data in Denoising Task (5.0 MB)


Bost, Raphael
Icon Submatrix maximum queries in Monge matrices: an implementation (465.7 KB)
Boucher, Alicia
Icon Interactive Volume Rendering (671.7 KB)
Holla, Aditya
Icon Lock Elision for Memcached: Power and Performance analysis on an Embedded Platform (767.6 KB)
Huang, Huanzhong
Icon PUF-Based UC-Secure Commitment without Fuzzy Extractor (211.4 KB)
Icingir, Hasan Tuna
Icon Visualization of Semantic Windows with SciDB Integration (287.2 KB)
Jia, Xin
Icon An Investigation of Performance Bottlenecks in a Main-Memory Database Management System (693.4 KB)
Leiserson, Mark DM
Icon Methods for Identifying Driver Pathways in Cancer (3.6 MB)
Lester, Ryan
Icon A Fast Implementation of FR-Dijkstra (161.0 KB)
Liang, Chen
Icon Software Defined Network Support for Real Distributed Systems (109.2 KB)
Loomis, Andrew
Icon Web Interfaces for Human Bidding Agents and General Auction Scheduling with the Java Auction Configuration Kit (JACK) (547.8 KB)
Mahmoody, Ahmad
Icon Reconstructing Genome Mixtures From Partial Adjacencies (591.5 KB)
Moussavi, Vazheh
Icon Learning Visual Scene Attributes (1.3 MB)
Parker, B. Tyler
Icon Shadow Figures: An Interactive Shadow Animation Platform for Performance (2.7 MB)
Quay-de la Valle, Hannah
       Icon Modeling and Reasoning About Effective User Permissions in Social-Sharing Systems (339.1 KB)
Ramani, Vibhu
Icon Regions in Retrievals - Using memorability regions in image retrieval pipelines (1.9 MB)
Rocco, Dominic
Icon Food?: Streamlined meal planning and invitation application for iOS (709.2 KB)
Su, Hang
Icon Scene Parsing Using Scene Attributes As Global Features (386.2 KB)
Sun, Li
Icon An Attempt to Build Object Detection Models by Reusing Parts (4.9 MB)
Xu, Chen
Icon Applications of Scene Attributes (1.9 MB)
Zhang, Tan Charles
Icon A web application for splicing online videos with annotations (1.3 MB)


Ayer, Andrew
Icon KVMSandbox: Application-Level Sandboxing with x86 Hardware Virtualization and KVM (107.0 KB)
Calakli, Fatih
Icon High Resolution Colored Surface Reconstruction from Oriented Points (10.9 MB)
Crow, Basil
Icon Time and Energy Profiling in Production Sensor Networks with Quanto (327.0 KB)
Dertat, Arden
Icon Meliper: Making News Personal (347.8 KB)
Duc, Phong Nguyen
Icon Event-based Phylogeny Inference and Multiple Sequence Alignment (893.1 KB)
Ehmoda, Omran
Icon Statistical Stylometrics and the Marlowe-Shakespeare Authorship Debate (295.2 KB)
Gillmor, Alexander
Icon Linear Methods for SNP Selection (284.6 KB)
Goldenberg, Seth
Icon Exploratory Search in WorkTop (1.5 MB)
Guha, Arjun
      Icon Semantics and Types for Safe Web Programming (1.5 MB)
Hills, Alexander
Icon LADS and TAG touch-first Systems for Museum Exhibition and Display (868.9 KB)
Jin, Li
Icon Locality Aware Fair Scheduling for Hammr (225.9 KB)
Lee, Sungmin
Icon Auto-colorization Exploiting Annotated Dataset (6.6 MB)
Lee, Jihoon
Icon Web Applications for Robots using rosbridge (783.4 KB)
Lu, Yang
Icon Serializable Snapshot Isolation in Shared-Nothing, Distributed Database Management Systems (627.4 KB)
Ma, Zhongyu
Icon NUMA aware locks Implementation and Evaluation (172.8 KB)
Megrelishvili, Georgy
Icon GradRanking: Online Personalized University Recommendation System (167.5 KB)
Nguyen, Duy
Icon Verification of Web-Content Searching Through Authenticated Web Crawler (960.2 KB)
Price, Michael
Icon NPR.js: A JavaScript library for Interactive Non-Photorealistic Rendering in WebGL (1.2 MB)
Sastrasinh, Paul
Icon Improving Data Driven Image Geolocation (5.8 MB)
Shen, Aaron
Icon Aspect-Specific Ranking of Product Reviews Using Topic Modeling (234.0 KB)
Simon, Benjamin
Icon Randomized Adaptive Vehicle Decomposition for Large-Scale Power Restoration (310.8 KB)
Verch, Shaun
Icon Performance Analysis of 64-Bit Capriccio (290.2 KB)
Wang, Xiaowei
Icon Operating System Protection Domains (1021.5 KB)


Angkanawaraphan, Visawee
Icon AuctionMark OLTP Benchmark (1.0 MB)
Baldimtsi, Foteini
Berg, Jordan
Icon Rank and Impression Estimation in a Stylized Model of Ad Auctions (883.4 KB)
Chin, James C.
Icon LADS Tour Authoring & Playback System (367.8 KB)
de Nijs, Joost
Icon Decision DAGS - A new approach (645.2 KB)
Eisenstat, David
Icon Random road networks: the quadtree model (1.8 MB)
Elliott, Nell Kiyoko
Icon An Algorithm to Find Efficient Supported Solutions of Non-Convex Multiobjective Optimization Problems (2.2 MB)
Ferguson, Andrew
Ghosh, Soumya
Icon Image Understanding in a Nonparametric Bayesian Framework (1.3 MB)
Goldmints-Orlov, Arcady
Icon Exploded Images (2.0 MB)
Gomez, Steve
Imhmed, Hassan
Icon Distributed Debugging Tool (719.1 KB)
Jayaraman, Venkatasubramanian
Icon Distributed Debugging Tool (719.1 KB)
Kendall, Donnie
Icon Garibaldi & LADS Interactive Multitouch Systems for the Visual Arts (1.0 MB)
Ko, Hsu-Sheng
Icon Linear Gesture Recognition and Large Screen Simulation of Gesture Select (586.8 KB)
Kothapa, Rajkumar
Icon Max-Product Particle Belief Propagation (280.1 KB)
Li, Yu
Icon Making Programming More Easily in Code Bubbles (1.2 MB)
Mallya, Sunil
Icon Entracker: Energy Tracker for Homes (4.2 MB)
Martins, Marcelo
Mason, Rebecca
Icon Extractive Multi-Document Summaries Should Explicitly Not Contain Document-Specific Content (1.1 MB)
McCann, Paul
Icon Caging the Muse: Metrics for Unconcious Author Markers (123.0 KB)
Pattabiraman, Karthik
Icon Distributed Debugging Tool (719.1 KB)
Politz, Joseph
Icon ADsafety Type-Based Verification of JavaScript Sandboxing (310.5 KB)
Santhanam, Deepak
Icon Learning to Fuse Disparate Sentences (207.8 KB)
Segal, Aaron
Icon Rational Secret Sharing with Side Information in Point-to-Point Networks via Time-Delayed Encryption (262.8 KB)
Song, Wei
Icon Effective Data Transmission in Distributed Visual Sensor Systems (1.0 MB)
Swanson, Ben
Icon Using Probabilistic Tree Substitution Grammars (473.4 KB)
Tarvo, Alexander
Icon Using computer simulation to predict performance of parallel programs (856.2 KB)
Vittayakorn, Sirion
Icon Quality Assessment for Crowdsourced Object Annotations (3.3 MB)
Wang, Zikai
Icon A Distributed Implementation of Continuous-MapReduce Stream Processing Framework (143.0 KB)
Zuffi, Silvia


Aguiar, Derek
Icon The Clark Phase-able Sample Size Problem: Long-range Phasing and Loss of Heterozygosity in GWAS (726.2 KB)
Coffrin, Carleton
Icon Constraint-Based Local Search for the Automatic Generation of Architectural Tests (296.2 KB)
Doran, Patrick J.
Icon Expressive Rendering with Watercolor (12.7 MB)
Feijoo, Milagro I.
Icon Improving Mobile GeoMaps Applications with Expressive Rendering: A Test Case (28.8 MB)
Feldman, Michael
Icon Distributed Transactional Boosting (53.6 KB)
Guan, Peng
Icon Estimating Human Shape and Pose from a Single Image (2.1 MB)
Hristov, Borislav H.
Icon Optimizing Directed Acyclic Graphs via Simulated Annealing for Reconstructing Human Segmental Duplications (1.3 MB)
Hussain, Ahsan
Icon Query Generator (195.4 KB)
Ikhariale, Newton
Icon Fractured Indexes: Improved B-trees To Reduce Maintenance Cost and Fragmentation (200.0 KB)
Islam, Sidra
Icon Provenance, Lineage, and Workflows (579.0 KB)
Jablin, James
Icon Ragnarok: RAndom Graphs Never ARe OK (362.2 KB)
Kaya, Lutfi Ilke
Icon Trading Agents (51.8 KB)
Keskin, R. Onur
Icon Spatial Querying for Camera-Based Tracking Platforms (2.2 MB)
Miller, Andrew C.
Icon Image and Audio Annotation: Approximate Inference in Dense Conditional Random Fields (417.6 KB)
Ohrimenko, Olga
Icon Finding Compensatory Pathways in Yeast Genome (258.3 KB)
Park, Hojoon
Icon A Method for Controlling Mouse Movement using a Real-Time Camera (302.2 KB)
Riondato, Matteo
Icon Mining Top-K Frequent Itemsets Through Progressive Sampling (420.2 KB)
Rosenberg, Dan
Icon On-Disk Authenticated Data Structures for Verifying Data Integrity on Outsourced File Storage (133.6 KB)
Shi, Ning
Icon Resolving Ambiguous Paths Using BorderPatrol (178.8 KB)
Tierney, Kevin
Icon GGA: A Gender-Based Genetic Algorithm for the Automatic Configuration of Algorithms (175.5 KB)
Vondrak, Marek
Icon Physical Simulation for Probabilistic Motion Tracking (1.4 MB)
Wang, Dongbo
Icon Object Identification by enhanced Local SIFT Features (215.3 KB)
Wang, Juexin
Icon A Rank-Based Skip Lists in Dynamic Provable Data Possession (330.6 KB)
Xie, Qiao
Icon Implementation of Methods for Distributed Data Authentication (143.8 KB)
Zhang, Zhe
Icon An Automatic Source Code Generation Tool for OLTP Database Benchmarks (438.1 KB)


Backman, Nathan
Icon A Fine-Grained, Dynamic Load Distribution Model for Parallel Stream Processing (246.9 KB)
Bartholomew, Andy
Icon The performance of select STAMP benchmarks with transactional cache hardware configurations (43.3 KB)
Bascetincelik, Aysun
Icon WiiRobot: Controlling Robots with Wii Gestures (1.5 MB)
Berg, Bradley
Icon Disentangling Exceptions (309.9 KB)
Bragdon, Andrew
Icon GestureBar: Improving the Approachability of Gesture-based Interfaces (732.0 KB)
Cha, Sanghoon
Icon RCHeli: Infrastructure for PC-Controlled Micro Helicopter (173.9 KB)
Conrad, Adam
Icon Database Economic Cost Optimization for Cloud Computing (228.8 KB)
Daniel, Scott
Icon An Energy Minimization Approach to Surface Reconstruction (642.2 KB)
Diamond, Brandon
Icon iCDA: Continuous Double Auction on the Web (602.3 KB)
Doutre, Will
Icon Providing Captured Images and Video to REVEAL (81.9 KB)
Eisenstat, Sarah
Icon Learning Underlying Forms With MaxEnt (238.6 KB)
Gbarayor Jr., Kembey
Icon Linear Dynamical Systems: A Machine Learning Framework for Financial Time Series Analysis (281.1 KB)
Hickey, Brendan
Icon Detection of Correlated Breakpoints in Cancer (897.7 KB)
Huang, Ling-Ya
Icon Improve Chinese Parsing with Max-Ent Reranking Parser (354.6 KB)
Kadioglu, Serdar
Icon Grammar Constraints: Combining Expressiveness with Efficiency (557.0 KB)
Kalafarski, E.J.
Icon SurfaceShop: Techniques for Complex Adjustments in Multi-Touch Computing (6.2 MB)
Kallman, Rob
Icon Volt GUI Console: A Graphical User Interface for Volt Distributed Transaction Processing Database (456.0 KB)
Kim, Dong Wook
Icon Haplotype Phasing using Pre-Resolved Table on the Ancestral Tree Structure (499.0 KB)
Kumar, Mayank
Icon Automating Visual Sensor Networks (312.2 KB)
Lara, Laura Sevilla
Icon Bone tracking from X-Ray sequences (673.4 KB)
Lin, Ming-Li
Icon A Case Study in Extracting DEMs from High-Resolution Mars Stereo Pairs Using a Simple Computer Vision Algorithm (668.6 KB)
Liu, Chu-chi
Icon Contributions on Lineogrammer (974.8 KB)
Meiklejohn, Sarah
Icon An Extension of the Groth-Sahai Proof System (399.2 KB)
Mozes, Shay
Icon Some Lower and Upper Bounds for Tree Edit Distance (603.0 KB)
Nicholas, Greg
Icon Building part compositions for hierarchical object recognition (445.9 KB)
Odean, Tyler
Icon Marginal Bidding: An Application of the Equimarginal Principle to Bidding in TAC SCM (166.0 KB)
Reddy Cherabuddi, Neehar
Icon Exergaming: Video Games as a form of Exercise (368.6 KB)
Rogers, Jennie
Icon Towards a Generic Data Compression Advisor (1.0 MB)
Sun, Deqing
Icon Learning Optical Flow (1.3 MB)
Tarpine, Ryan
Icon CYRENE: A Database, Browser, and Library of Tools for Regulatory Genomics (518.8 KB)
Wilson, Ahmad
Icon Exergaming: A Fusion of Exercise and Video Gaming (531.6 KB)
Yadollahpour, Payman
Icon Neurally Constrained Subspace Learning of Reach and Grasp (1.6 MB)
Yip, Justin
Icon Bound Consistency for Binary Length-Lex Set Constraints (175.5 KB)
Zhao, Zhenyuan
Icon Architectural Models for Visual Sensor Networks (127.8 KB)
Zhou, Wenjin
Icon An Analytical Model of Water Diffusion and Exchange in White Matter from Diffusion MRI and Its Application in Measuring Axon Radi (620.0 KB)


Akdere, Mert
Icon Combining Proactive and Retroactive Processing for Distributed Complex Event Detection (597.0 KB)
Bircan, Korhan
Icon Making Next-Gen Video Games in Your Basement (584.4 KB)
Boller, Ryan
Icon Application of Uncertainty Visualization Methods to Meteorological Trajectories (639.8 KB)
Bragdon, Andrew
Icon GestureBar: Making Gestures Browseable, Discoverable, Learnable and Training-Free (688.0 KB)
Buller, Mark
Icon Thermal State Estimation Model Development Using Time Series Machine Learning Techniques (532.5 KB)
Fuller, Matt
Icon RSS Feed Complex Event Detection (299.5 KB)
Grabiner, David
Icon A Treatment of Correlated Attribute Uncertainty in Array Database Systems (215.8 KB)
Kahn, Crystal
Icon Duplication Distance (231.5 KB)
Kim, Sangjin
Icon A Global Credibility Measure in Pairwise Sequence Alignment (1.0 MB)
Kimura, Hideaki
Icon Designing Correlation Indices with Bucketing and Composition (358.5 KB)
Kostandov, Mykhaylo
Icon Qualitative Visual Comparison of Three Simulations of Fluid Flow around a Flying Bat (910.2 KB)
Lim, Kian Huat (Eric)
Icon A Computational Method to Identify Splicing Elements (6.4 MB)
Loper, Matthew
Icon Research Comprehensive Final Exam: Action Recognition on a Mobile Robotic Platform (772.7 KB)
Maloney, Christopher Michael
Icon Reactor: An Organic Chemistry Reaction Prediction System (182.0 KB)
McCorkle, Eric
Icon Realizing Concurrent Functional Programming Languages (397.1 KB)
Miles, Jadrian
Icon A Characteristic-Oriented User Evaluation of Immersive Virtual Reality Comparison Visualizations (769.3 KB)
Mozes, Shay
Icon Some Lower and Upper Bounds for Tree Edit Distance (603.0 KB)
Myers, Aaron
Icon Operating System Protection Domains, a New Approach (434.5 KB)
Pacheco, Jason
Icon Temporal Decomposition for Online Multisensor-Multitarget Tracking (813.4 KB)
Ritz, Anna
Icon A Minimum Description Length Approach to the Multiple Motif Problem (1.2 MB)
Schwertfeger, Jonas
Icon Multi-Robot Belief Propagation for Distributed Robot Allocation (156.6 KB)
Tsoli, Aggeliki
Icon Sparse Control of Robot Grasping from 2D Subspaces (388.4 KB)


Boghraty, Kaveh
Icon Art Gallery Positioning System (513.2 KB)
Burchett, Kimberley
Icon Lowering A Static Optimization Technique for Transparent Functional Reactivity (174.8 KB)
Dickinson, Brendan
Icon Roomba Pac-Man: Teaching Autonomous Robotics through Embodied Gaming (1.7 MB)
Donaldson, John
Icon A Marginal Revenue Approach to Bidding in TAC SCM (215.8 KB)
Elsner, Micha
Icon A Unified Local and Global Model for Discourse Coherence (87.8 KB)
Gaiman, Michael
Cellarium: A Computational Biology Workflowing Environment
Hiratsuka, Tamaki
Icon An Algorithm to Compute the Secondary Structure of tRNA Molecules (51.2 KB)
Hoenselaar, Andreas
Icon Mutual Information as a Measure of Relevance in Neural Coding (699.0 KB)
Jianu, Radu
Icon Viewing proteomic experiments in context with known protein (334.4 KB)
Joo, Jong Wha Joanne
Icon Haplotype Phasing Algorithms and Comparison (3.8 MB)
Koskinen, Eric
Icon BorderPatrol: Isolating Events for Precise Black-box Tracing (264.2 KB)
Kupcu, Alptekin
Icon SECMECE: Optimizing Lifetime of Federated Sensor Networks by Exploiting Data and Model Redundancy (679.6 KB)
Liang, Vince
Icon SmartCIT An Intelligent Sensor Network System (1.3 MB)
McCarthy, Jay
Icon Interaction-Safe State for the Web (821.3 KB)
Mercier, Luc
Icon Strong Polynomiality of Resource Constraint Propagation (521.6 KB)
Moseley, Mark
Icon Technical Aspects of Roomba Pac-Man (1.2 MB)
Papamanthou, Charalampos
Icon Efficient Localization for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Power Measurements Sampling (1.2 MB)
Penney, Devon
Icon A Comparison of Rendering Techniques for Scenes with High Geometric Complexity (80.1 KB)
Schreiber, Ethan
Icon A Distributed Model for Image Recognition Using Pyramidal Bayesian Networks (200.2 KB)
Schudy, Warren
Icon How to rank with few errors A PTAS for Weighted Feedback Arc Set on Tournaments (277.0 KB)
Tamura, Eric
Icon Protection Domains (51.2 KB)
Tran, Ha
Icon Sonic Gallery (171.9 KB)
Vu, Theresa
Icon Modeling the Visual Cortex: Object Recognition with Extended Hierarchical Bayesian Networks (178.2 KB)
Weinberger, Joel
Icon Protection Domains (61.4 KB)
Wicks, John
Icon Stochastic Stability (216.0 KB)


Apte, Salil
Icon Time-varying Azimuth Discrimination and Resynthesis: A New Method for Music Repurposing (813.6 KB)
Birck, Andrew
Icon Extending Click to Support Block Requests (408.8 KB)
Cho, Kyu Wook
Icon A Simple Event Detection System for Wireless Sensor Networks (309.7 KB)
Domanic, Nevzat Onur
Icon An Algorithm for Detecting Approximate Tandem Repeats in Genomic Sequences (972.5 KB)
Erway, Chris
Icon Designing the Network Layer for End-Host Traffic Engineering (81.8 KB)
Fisher, Jessica
Icon Motor Cortical Decoding Using an Autoregressive Moving Average Model (152.5 KB)
Ge, Tingjian
Icon Fast, Secure Encryption for Indexing in a Column-Oriented DBMS (287.2 KB)
Headden, William
Icon Learning Phrasal Categories (67.7 KB)
Ketpreechasawat, Suamporn
Icon Hierarchical Landmark Charting (3.8 MB)
Leland, Ethan
Icon The Brown University Robocup 2006 Four-Legged League Team Report (565.7 KB)
Lemmerman, Dmitri
Icon The Effect of Interaction-Display Offset on User Performance for a 3D-Widget Task in the Cave (8.6 MB)
McClosky, David
Icon Effective Self-Training for Parsing (81.1 KB)
Park, Austin
Icon Architecture and Implementation of a Content-based Data Dissemination System (102.1 KB)
Peng, Luke
Icon The Sandbox: Improving File Access Security in the Internet Age (754.2 KB)
Pivkin, Igor
Icon Visualization and Interpretation of the Proper Orthogonal Decomposition of Bat Wing Kinematics (337.6 KB)
Pozar, Michael
Icon Bllip: An Improved Evaluation Metric for Machine Translation (94.8 KB)
Rachlin, Eric
Icon Robust Nanowire Decoding (2.8 MB)
Snyder, Derek
Icon A Framework for Creating Distributed GUI Applications (206.1 KB)
Tse, Ronald Henry
Icon TCP Fairness in Multipath Transport Protocols (1.6 MB)
Wrotek, Pawel
Icon Dynamo: Dynamic Data-driven Character Control with Adjustable Balance (vgsp_0007) (12.0 MB)


Cole, Christopher
Icon Snapshots and Software Transactional Memory (88.0 KB)
Fein, Andrea
Icon Disney Curves (167.9 KB)
Funaro, Jesse
Icon Diversity as an Objective in Informational Retrieval Experiments with a Navigation System (331.3 KB)
Jhingran, Anjali
Icon Implementation of Type Checker in Borealis (147.4 KB)
Tenneson, Dana
Icon ChemPad: A Pedagogical Tool For Exploring Handwritten Organic Molecules (154.5 KB)


Chan-Tin, Sebastien
Icon Sandboxing programs (1.5 MB)
Yao, Danfeng
Icon Role-Based Cascaded Delegation (4.0 MB)


Almanza, Robert
Icon Reliable Multicast for Small Wireless Networks (6.2 MB)
Altshuler, Robert Charles
Icon Decomposing Image Sequences into Layers According to Motion with the use of an Appearance Model (8.4 MB)
Altun, Yasemin
Icon Investigating Loss Functions and Optimization Methods for Discriminative Learning of Label Sequences (119.3 KB)
Antoniu, Tudor
Icon A Framework for Checking Spreadsheets (12.6 MB)
Audleman, Kevin Forbes
Icon TIV: Thread Interaction Visualizer (6.5 MB)
Ciaramita, Massimiliano
Icon Hierarchical Semantic Classification: Word Sense Disambiguation with World Knowledge (3.8 MB)
Convey, Christian
Icon The Aurora Storage Manager (4.1 MB)
Erwin, Christina
Icon Aurora Box Research (2.6 MB)
Flinders, Andrew
Icon Energy-Efficient Dynamic Data Scheduling in Wireless Multihop Networks (15.8 MB)
Jafari, Amir
Icon On the Notion of Regret in Infinitely Repeated Games (5.2 MB)
Karelitz, David
Icon Using CavePainting to Create Scientific Visualizations (2.1 MB)
Kong, George
Icon Replica Location in Sand (6.3 MB)
Leroy, Christian Matthew
Icon Exploration of the Routing Task Domain (9.9 MB)
Nachbar, Curran
Icon Detecting Features Through Concept Analysis (8.8 MB)
Nisenfeld, Scott
Icon Using Reality to Evaluate the ITC Presence Questionnaire (3.9 MB)
Rasin, Alexander
Icon Priority-Based Bandwidth Allocation in Aurora (2.3 MB)
Sigal, Leonid
Icon Fabricating People: Assembling Articulated 3D Models using Non-parametric Belief Propagation (3.8 MB)
Sobel, Jason
Icon SciVL: A Descriptive Language for 2D Multivariate Scientific Visualization Synthesis (4.3 MB)
Tenneson, Dana
Icon Overview of the Goals and Present Status of the Graphics Teaching Tool Project (3.6 MB)
Wu, Wei
Icon Neural Decoding in Motor Cortex (5.0 MB)
Yan, Robin
Icon Implementing a Persistent Query Graphical User Interface for a Streaming Database (5.2 MB)
Ye, Qiang
Icon Security in Reliable Multicasting (Security for the Electronic Notebook Project) (8.8 MB)
Zheng, Cheng
Icon Distributed Obstruction-Free Transactional Memory (3.0 MB)


Chen, Jeff
Icon Performance Evaluation of Scheduling Algorithms in Aurora (742.1 KB)
Cooper, Gregory
Icon A Modular Compilation Strategy for Open Classes and Multimethods in Java (2.2 MB)
Gao, Yun
Icon Nonparametric Representation of Neural Activity in Motor Cortex (710.2 KB)
Hasic, Jasminka
Icon An Efficient Dynamic and Distributed Cryptographics Accumulator (579.3 KB)
Hu, Xiaolan
Icon Simulation of Quality of Service (QoS) Graph-Based Load-Shedding Algorithm in Aurora System Using CSIM (1.3 MB)


Acevedo, Daniel
Icon ARCHAVE: A Virtual Reality Research Environment for Scientific Applications (278.0 KB)
Chen, Feng
Icon Statistical Methods Of Motion Estimation From Omni-Directional Image Sequences (285.8 KB)
Coglianese, Michael
Icon Mobile Aleph: A System for Distributed Mobile Applications (263.7 KB)
Engel, Donald Edward
Icon The Utility of Filled Pauses, Interjections, and Parentheticals in Parsing Conversational Language (39.2 KB)
Gilbert, Richards C.
Icon A Program for Quantifying Humanlike Finger Forces Using an Anatomic Hand Tendon Model (529.8 KB)
Hall, Keith B.
Icon A Statistical Model of Nominal Anaphora (227.2 KB)
Jeon, Seung Hoan
Icon A Statistical Model of Nominal Anaphora (66.4 KB)
Karpenko, Olga
Icon Interactively generating 3D models from contour drawings (520.5 KB)
Keefe, Daniel
Kirby, Robert M.
Icon Visualizing Fluid Flow Data: From the Canvas to the CAVE (997.7 KB)
Marai, Liz
Icon Modeling the Length of Distal Radioulnar Ligaments (371.0 KB)
Moscovich, Tomer
Icon Animation Sketching: An Approach to Accessible Animation (129.5 KB)
Paranthaman, Pramod
Icon Comparative Evaluation of Desktop and Cave Environments for Learning Hypercube Rotations (213.5 KB)
Pyo, Changhee
Reiter, Jonathan
Icon Immersive Hierarchical Visualization and Steering for Spectral/hp Element Methods (159.1 KB)
Reitsma, Paul S. A.
Icon Metrics for Motion Editing (206.2 KB)
Schmidt, Keith
Icon Using Tabu Search to Solve the Job Shop Scheduling Problem with Sequence Dependent Setup Times (633.9 KB)
Shi, Shaoqing
Icon Mobile Collaboration System For An Electronic Notebook (76.7 KB)
Tatbul, E Nesime
Icon Index Structures and Algorithms for Efficient Profile Matching (289.8 KB)
Vega, Luis J.
Icon WOODSTOCK: A Wireless Stock Trading Game for Windows CE (392.6 KB)
Xing, Ying
Icon Caching on the Changing Web (137.4 KB)
Zhang, Jie
Icon E-Seminar (430.2 KB)


Carney, Donald P.
Icon Channelization for Publish-Subscribe Systems (291.8 KB)
Chang, Remco K.
Icon Simulation Techniques For Deformable Animated Characters (1.8 MB)
Coglianese, Michael
Icon Mobile Aleph: A System for Distributed Mobile Applications (1.3 MB)
Ho, Jimmy
Icon Sketching Interfaces for 2D Animation of Simple Objects (871.6 KB)
Hu, Ying
Icon Monte Carlo Simulation of United States Power Network with Faulty Nodes and Fail Propagation (469.8 KB)
Zhang, Song
Icon Visualizing Diffusion Tensor MR Image Using Streamtubes and Streamsurfaces (5.7 MB)


Bhuphaibool, Dom Sithikorn
Icon Multi-resolution Animation and Behavior in Densely Populated Scenes (2.3 MB)
Bose, Rahul
Icon The Pub-Sub Simulator (656.5 KB)
Chen, Qiusheng
Icon Checkpointing Transaction-based Distributed Shared Memory (911.2 KB)
Dahllof, Caroline
Icon Painterly Rendering with a Painter's Perspective (1.5 MB)
Guo, Dongbai
Icon Automatic image mosaic assembly (1.0 MB)


Atanassova, Zornitza
Icon Applying Traditional Animation-Techniques to Shared 3D Virtual Worlds (510.2 KB)
Ayers, Matthew R.
Icon A Framework for the Synchronous Editing of Multiple Curve Representations (830.4 KB)
Bourdev, Lubomir
Icon Rendering Nonphotorealistic Strokes with Temporal and Arc-Length Coherence (356.3 KB)
Bremer, David
Icon Rapid Silhouette Rendering of Implicit Surfaces (986.4 KB)
Choi, Sumi Y.
Icon Orthogonal Straight Line Drawing of Trees (715.5 KB)
Cui, Jie
Icon Client-Server Performance Evaluation in Pushed-based Systems (1.2 MB)
Cummings, Jonathan R.
Icon Motion Blending and Editing (1.9 MB)
Yang, Baolin
Icon Project Report: Extensions to GeomLib (727.8 KB)


Beall, Jeffrey Evan
Icon New Java Technologies and a Java-based Framework for Interactive Illustration Development (2.0 MB)
Chin, Bing
Icon Sketching Curved Three-Dimensional Surfaces (190.0 KB)
Dai, Peng
Icon The Performance of Large Software Systems: A Case Study (649.0 KB)
Drew, Kenrick Edward
Icon Sketching 2D Stick Figures for 3D Jointed Figures: An interaction paradigm applied to a constrained modeling task (145.3 KB)
Fayan, Randy M.
Icon DCE-Web GradeServer (466.8 KB)
Gorguner, Murat
Icon VBnB - Visual Branch and Bound (929.6 KB)
Luo, Chenghui
Icon Construction of an Image Mosaicing and Image-based Rendering System (565.2 KB)


Chien, Yung-Ming
Icon chien.pdf (3.2 MB)
Forsberg, Andrew Stephen
Icon An Implementation of 6-DOF-Based Direct-Manipulation Techniques for Immersive Virtual Environments (1.5 MB)
Herndon, Kenneth P.
Icon Three-Dimensional User Interfaces for Scientific Visualization (2.3 MB)
Hoecker, Charles G.
Icon A Distributed Threads Package for Solaris 2.4+ (415.8 KB)
Leach, Sonia
Icon Learning Dynamical Systems Using Hidden Markov Models (1.2 MB)
Meyer, Thomas
Icon Scheduling Time-Critical Graphics on Multiple Processors for Virtual Environments (1.1 MB)
Wong, Jasper Y.
Icon Mini-Distributed System (MDS) (918.5 KB)
Wong, Hoog-Shen
Icon A Heuristic Search For Linear Programs with 0-1 Variables (1.4 MB)
Young, Joel D.
Icon On Unifying Time and Uncertainty: The Probabilistic Temporal Network (484.9 KB)


Anderson, Brian G.
Icon A Visual Interface for Producing Queries in the AQUA Algebra (1.8 MB)
Ersan, Murat
Icon Extracting Grammatical Information From Large Corpora (572.8 KB)
Ersan, Ebru
Icon Clustering Words (393.2 KB)
Hasson, Laurent-David
Icon GPEC, A Graphical Programming Environment for C++ (1.3 MB)
Ignatowicz, Jovanna Ava
Icon 3D Menu: Text Menus in a 3D World (783.1 KB)
Jacobson, Neil A.
Icon Robotic Object Recognition: Utilizing Multiple Views to Recognize Partially Occluded Objects (814.3 KB)
Jalan, Madhu
Icon Estimating Cadinalities of Sets in EPOQ (2.0 MB)
Lu, Weining
Icon Implementation of the EAT-Based Control Strategy for the EPOQ Optimizer (1.1 MB)
Mamdani, Alnoor
Icon Checkpointing and Migration for Quahog (780.2 KB)
Mander, Bobby
Icon Reading Signs: Robot Vision for Optical Character Recognition and Motion Planning (1.5 MB)
Marcus, Mark
Icon A Parallel Adaptive Point-Sampling Algorithm (2.2 MB)
Martin, John K.
Icon Building a Client Application in the CORBA Environment Using HyperDesk's Object Services (1.1 MB)
McCann, John
Icon Neural Networks for Mobile Robot Navigation (1.1 MB)
Paglione, Laura Ann Dorival
Icon Braitenberg Vehicles in a Virtual Environment (1.3 MB)
Snibbe, Scott
Icon Gestural Controls for Computer Animation (1.8 MB)
Spiewak, Joshua S.
Icon Replication in Spring: A New Subcontract (1.1 MB)
Stradal, Eric
Icon The Performance of Various Tracing Algorithms for Shared-Memory Parallel Programs (1.3 MB)
Vorbrich, David W.
Icon Assembly-to-Assembly Translation for Instrumenting User Code (2.4 MB)
Walker, Peter A.
Icon Identifying Failure Modes in Compiler Algorithms applied to Distributed Memory Data Parallel Computation (1.4 MB)
Yan, Weihua
Icon The Performance of Two Tracing and Replay Algorithms for Message-Passing Parallel Programs (1.1 MB)


Agarwal, Lalit K.
Icon A System for Supporting Mark-based Interaction in Motif (4.5 MB)
Ashar, Rachita
Icon Hierarchical Learning in Stochastic Domains (3.0 MB)
Cassandra, Anthony Rocco
Icon Optimal Policies for Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes (3.7 MB)
Castanos, Jose Gabriel
Icon The Dynamic Adaptation of Parallel Mesh-Based Computation (3.9 MB)
Corkum, Matt
Icon Three Dimensional Morphing Using an Adaptive Oriented Particle System (2.8 MB)
Ji, Shuang
Icon Information Query in Trace-based Debugging (1.3 MB)
Loughlin, Maria M.
Icon An Annotation System for 3D Fluid Flow Visualization (1.2 MB)
Mamaysky, Harry
Icon Three Dimensional Morphing Using an Adaptive Oriented Particle System (2.8 MB)
Moussavi-Aghdam, Shamsi
Icon NIS+NSI A Name Service Adjunct to SUN's NIS+ (845.3 KB)
Phalen, Elizabeth Jean
Icon Executing Parallel Programs on a Network of User owned Workstations (2.7 MB)
Rocha, Renato C.
Icon Transaction Management for Multidatabases (Interactions): Synchronization of Transactions Used on Planning Applications (1.7 MB)
Rubino, Vincent C.
Icon MOM: A Memory Object Manager for BOSS (1.4 MB)
Stevens, Marc
Icon A Toolkit for the Construction of Three Dimensional Interfaces (1.4 MB)
Thatte-Potter, Nisha D.
Icon Displaying Multivariate US Census and Migration Data Using Three-Dimensional Graphics and Animation (7.1 MB)
Vorbrich, David W.
Icon Assembly-to-Assembly Translation for Instrumenting User Code (2.4 MB)


Baynes, Robert T.
Icon Interactions Recovery System (IRS): Rollback and Recovery for Multidatabases in a Heterogeneous, Distributed Computing Environment (1.8 MB)
Bhatia, Yashesh V.
Icon Design and Implementation of the Logging and Recovery System for InterAction - Multidatabase Transaction Model (1.7 MB)
Chou, Tsung-Jen
Icon A Multiple-Process Implementation of Threads (4.2 MB)
Curewitz, Kenneth Marion
Icon Practical Prefetching via Data Compression (1.8 MB)
Krupka, John J.
Icon 3D Texture Synthesis (1.8 MB)
Lin, Yueh-hong
Icon CCEL: The C++ Constraint Expression Language (1.7 MB)
Lough, Ira
Icon Earl: A Tool for Portable Distributed Debugging (1.3 MB)
Lu, Ming-Tsung
Icon Local Database Support for Long-Term Multidatabase Transactions (2.0 MB)
MacKeith, Andrew
Icon EREQ Query Representation and Cost Model (2.8 MB)
Marshall, Ralph
Icon Bringing Graphic Design Expertise to Computer Generated Presentations (1.4 MB)
McCluskey, Peter C.
Icon Feedfoward and Recurrent Neural Networks and Genetic Programs for Stock Market and Time Series Forecasting (1.4 MB)
Nakai, Sergio A.
Icon The Concurrency Control Mechanism of the Mongrel System Design and Implementation (1.3 MB)
Nakos, Noela V.
Icon Specification Environment For Multidatabase Applications (1.3 MB)
Nuzum, Christopher
Icon FutureFone (1.0 MB)
Papka, Ron
Icon Net-time and Conflation: Improving Classification Models with Ablated Input (1.7 MB)
Radhakrishnan, Rajesh
Icon Explicit Versus Implicit Remote Procedure Call Based Parallel Programming Languages: An Analysis (2.0 MB)
Reilly, Paul Alan
Icon Logging and Recovery in ObServer2 (766.8 KB)
Rosenzweig, Seth H.
Icon A Comparative Study of Relational and Object-Oriented Database Technology using The INGRES and ObjectStore Database Management Systems (6.6 MB)
Stauffer, Adam
Icon Concurrency Control and Transaction Management in Observer2 (547.8 KB)
Thamel, Stephen W.
Icon Monotonic Chain Decomposition in Randomly Generated Terrains (1.1 MB)
Tversky, Oren J.
Icon Using Texture Mapping and WYSIWYG Painting to Create Geometric Tools (929.2 KB)
Wong, Eddy
Icon XEMS: An X-based Event Messaging System (4.9 MB)


Apgar, Scott W.
Icon Interactive Animation of Fault Tolerant Parallel Algorithms (2.1 MB)
Axel G. Merk, Ronald C.F. Antony
Icon DeTerminator (4.5 MB)
Chang, Daniel Ta-Ping
Icon Browsing in Hypertext Documents With the Assistance of Automatic Link Generation (923.3 KB)
Cheng, Ming-Li
Icon Contribution to Incremental Constraint Algorithms (2.4 MB)
Duby, Carolyn Kay
Icon CCEL: A Metalanguage for C++ (722.5 KB)
Good, Timothy Todd
Icon Blank Map Orienteering For an Autonomous Mobile Robot Using Certainty Grids (7.1 MB)
Hamlyn, Stuart
Icon NeXTPIEMail A Graphical, Personalized Environment Mail Tool (2.0 MB)
Huang, Chih-Yung
Icon Two Phase Commit (563.5 KB)
Katie Mohrfeld, David Ross
Icon Bat: A Source-level Debugger for C (8.7 MB)
Knep, Brian
Icon Mapping a 3D Surface to the UV Plane for Texture Mapping, Patchifying and Metamorphosing (883.7 KB)
Li, Yu-Fang
Icon Integrity Constraints for Object-Oriented Database System (3.2 MB)
Teng, Choh Man
Icon On Generic Consistency Algorithms and their Specializations (2.1 MB)
True, Thomas J.
Icon Volume Warping: A New Technique for Modeling with Volumetric Data (1.2 MB)
Weiner, Bob
Icon PIEmail: A Personalized Information Environment Mail Tool (3.6 MB)
Wen, James
Icon A Three Dimensional Browser for Visualizing Orthogonal Hierarchies (Using Only Two-and-a-Half Dimensions) (1.2 MB)
Wood, Christopher A.
Icon XComment: An Interactive Documentation Tool (2.1 MB)
Zachwieja, Stephan J.
Icon Interactive Collision Detection (1.1 MB)


Barman, Dilip K.
Icon RelType Relaxed Typing for Intelligent Hypermedia (1.8 MB)
Bartsocas, Spyros-Nicholas
Icon THEODORA: User's Manual for Version 0.6 (1.1 MB)
Boyer, Robert
Icon An Operating System Development Environment (2.3 MB)
Chiang, Yi-Jen
Icon Dynamization of the Trapezoid Method for Planar Point Location (777.7 KB)
Delott, Gregory
Icon Performance Improvements in the ObServer Object Server (1.5 MB)
Fitzmaurice, George
Icon Form-Centered Workflow Automation Using an Agent Framework (3.7 MB)
Haring-Smith, Robert
Icon Object Models (2.8 MB)
Hsu, William M.
Icon A Direct Manipulation Interface to Free-Form Deformations (1.5 MB)
Huang, Nathan
Icon The Addition of Simulation to BAGS (623.5 KB)
Husain, Saadia
Icon Heuristics for Cost-based Abduction in Belief Networks for Story Understanding (1.2 MB)
Lee, Jin Joo
Icon Localization with Extended Kalman Filtering (822.9 KB)
Meyers, James M.
Icon Automating Multi-Locus Viability Analyses for Human Linkage with "Emilie" (5.2 MB)
Morse, Erik J.
Icon The CARE Package for CApture and REplay of Parallel Code Sequences (2.4 MB)
Palmer, Mark L.
Icon A Data Cache that Learns to Fetch (947.9 KB)
Reilly, George V.
Icon Text Objects (586.2 KB)
Singh, Sumeet Kaur
Icon User Constraints for Giotto (974.9 KB)
Stern, Mark L.
Icon Interaction Objects (1.8 MB)
Tegan, Patrice
Icon Pattern Specification and Global Transaction Management in Heterogeneous Multidatabases (2.0 MB)
Wagner, Peter
Icon Class Library for the Automation of Motif (CLAM) Programmer's Manual (1.3 MB)


Anand, Mala
Icon Integrating Observer and Intermedia: A Case Study (408.7 KB)
Borden, Lisa Kay
Icon Articulated Objects in BAGS (1.5 MB)
Chekaluk, Robert Alan
Icon Using Influence Diagrams in Recognizing Locally-Distinctive Places (3.0 MB)
Gold, Melissa Y.
Icon Multi-Dimensional Input Devices and Interaction Techniques for a Modeler-Animator (1.9 MB)
Hagemark, Bent
Icon Site A Language and System for Configuring Many Computers as One Computing Site (2.1 MB)
Hyun, Seungseok
Icon Handling Uncertainties in Classifying Junctions (3.7 MB)
Ishii, Katsuji
Icon Garbage Collection for Encore/Observer (1.0 MB)
Kogut, Richard M.
Icon Report on Implementing Caching for ObServer Clients (495.6 KB)
Kozlowski, Raymond
Icon Inferring Knowledge and Ignorance about Motion from the Limits of Vision and Physics (2.5 MB)
Lee, Shin Y.
Icon Collections, Tuples and Iterators in Object-Oriented Database Systems (933.6 KB)
Liu, Chen Hui-ching
Icon An Implementation of Cooperative Concurrency Control in an OODB (3.9 MB)
Randazza, Margaret J.
Icon The Feature Recognition Module of the LDP System for the Robot Huey (3.1 MB)
Shriver, Elizabeth A.
Icon Optimal Disk I/O with Parallel Block Transfer (2.1 MB)
Stone, Margaret D.
Icon A System Model Which Accounts for Previous Experience: A Combined Interface and Help System (8.2 MB)
Tsai, Tu-Hsin
Icon An Implementation of Certainty Grids for Mobile Robot Exempt from the Higher Order Echo Reflection (1.6 MB)


Da Silva, Dilip
Icon Raster Algorithms for 2D Primitives (2.8 MB)
DiPalma, Louis P.
Icon Temporal Reasoning with Infinitesimals (1.8 MB)
Ewald, Alan N.
Icon Implementing Views in the ENCORE Object-Oriented Database System (1.6 MB)
Fernandez, Mary F.
Icon Transaction Groups in ObServer (1.7 MB)
Koh, Young Woo
Icon Graphical User Interface to ENCORE -- Type and Instance Browser (2.3 MB)
Mead, David S.
Icon Learning Through Exploration (665.9 KB)
Nunez, Linda
Icon Relationship Between Temporal Bayes Networks and Markov Random Process Transition Tables (3.8 MB)
Wong, Wayne Dexter
Icon A Query Processor for an Object Oriented Database (4.0 MB)
Zeleznik, Robert C.
Icon Visualization of Disassemblies of Mechanical Objects (1.4 MB)