Recent Undergraduate Capstone Project Abstracts


Chaudhry, Abraar
Applying Machine Learning to Analysis of Hyperspectral Images of Mars
DeMaria, Jamie
Markov Inference Attacks
Falk-LeFay, Tristin and Sun, Hans
Multiprocessor Synchronization Capstone Writeup
Kohn, Matt and Kinoshita, Kei
Puddlestore Advance Implementation
Mir, Ali
ChaosBear: A Framework for Inducing Systematic Failures in Software Defined Networks
Parthenopoulos, Dimitrios
Exploring the Use of Macros for Generating Code Suggestions in the Context of Code Bubbles
Polshakova, Nina
Secure Password Storage on the Bitcoin Blockchain


Beck, Jacob
Lane Sharing through Social Reinforcement Learning
Cookerly, Colton
Grammar as a Foreign Language
Davis, Isaac
Decaf: A Compiler for a Subset of the Java Language
Gillett, Michael and Ashley, Todd
Hecht, Sam
Implementing Datalog
Ju, Robert
Kashtelyan, Elena
Nunez, Elvis
Algorithm for solving a class of Hamilton-Jacobi equations in high dimensions
Papakipos, Zoe
CaRL: Learning Lane-Sharing using a Deep Q-Network
Pittalis, Giovanni
CSCI 1510 Capstone Project
Semaya, Isaac, and Xu, Michael
Tsai, Alison
CS132 Capstone: Swolemates
Vahle, Ansel
Capstone Summary
Wesner, Benjamin
CryptHub: A Cryptocurrency Trading Game Platform
Wong, Alexandra
Capstone Abstract CSCI 1970


Bhargava, Tushar
Capstone Abstract
Cho, Gregory
Modelling Search with the LCRC Algorithm
Cohen, Vanya
iOS Application Controlled Quadcopter
Nguyen, B., Troung, W., and Yeddanapudy, H.
Convolutional Neural Networks: Real Time Emotion Recognition
Varga, Alexander
Abstract Algebra for the Alloy Analyzer
Zeng, Raymond
Capstone Abstract: LT Codes


Adler, John
Fleshed out Raft Implementation and Distributed Hash Table Redundancy
Baghdady, Sami
Carbon Tracking Made Easy
Barry, Kieran
Capstone Abstract
Bauer, Ben and O'Farrell, Kevin
Capstone Abstract
Bisignano, Justin and DiMarco, Mason
Face Off - CS132 Capstone
Brown, Albert
Spotter Parking App
Byman, Nick and Stein, Joe
Features in a Distributed Hash Table
Carling, Graham and Koatz, Benjamin
Final Firewall Report
Chapa, Miguel Martinez
Pessoa Plural: Revista de Estudos Pessoanos/A Journal of Fernando Pessoa Studies
Chou, Alexander and Kaufman, Jacob
Capstone Abstract
Cohen, David
Carbon Footprint Tracker
DeRosa, Taylor
TinderMachine: Classifying Facial Preferences
Fu, Jessica
TripShare - Create, Share and Browse Trips
Fuller, Evan and Kuchibhatla, Rahul
Random Sampling over Large Datasets
Gattey, Dylan
Consensus and Replication: An Exploration in Distributed Systems
Goodman, Frank
Arr! Pyret Grading Infrastructure
Guerrero, Cesar and Wuertz, Connor
Designing and Implementing a Multithreaded, Synchronous Packet Processing Firewall
Haugh, Daniel and Srinivas, Shreya
Concurrent Packet Firewall
Hamburger, Allison
Cake & Berries: Abstract
Ho, Steven
CS132 Capstone Abstract
Jang, Eric
Adversarial Exploration Policies for Robust Model Learning
Johnson, Samuel
Mr. Dancing Robot Man
Joshi, Vidur
A Monte Carlo AIXI Approximation
Kortchmar, Samuel
Learn Music in VR
Kuida, Yoshiaki
Reinforcement Learning Algorithms with Changing State Spaces in BurlapCraft
Laskey, James
WebGazer.js - A Webcam Real Time Eye Tracking Platform
Lau, Micah
Pessoa Plural, A Redesigned Academic Journal Website
Lee, Michael
CS132 Capstone Project - Bloom/iLeaf
Lessinger, Jonathan
Automatic Music Recommendation Based on Music Genome Project Attributes
Liang, Paeth, and Reardon
Recognizing Art by Period and Movement
Lin, Alexander
Children of Gaia
Lo, Sharon
Music as History Abstract
Lyons, Gabriel and Tran, Vinh
EchoQuery: Chatting with Your Relational Database
Ma, Cody
Raft Membership Changes
Mao, Wainger, and Zhang
Measuring The Hot Hand Effect Using NBA Shooting Data
Mercurio, Thomas and Treil, Alexander
Recommending New Restaurants Based on Past Ratings
Micklas, Kenneth
Tree Editor DISP
Moder, Charlie
Codenames Word Association Game
Morgowicz, Vivian
Contoured Watercolor Rendering of 3D Meshes
Nakagawa, Kei
Multiclass Classification of Human Actions with Shape vs. Motion Detection
Ngoy, Ryan
Big Brother: Blind or Omniscient?
Oh, Sung-Ho Justin
Estimating a Variant of Random Walk Centrality on Graphs
Palmer, John
Beacon Boards
Pane, Gianluca
Multi-Parameter Mechanism Design
Priebe, Lucas
Ravella, Michael
Development of a Novel Production Pipeline for use in the Creation of a 3D Animated Short Film
Roncancio, Esteban
Packet Firewall
Rosenthal, Eli
Sb: Capstone Abstract
Rubin, Simon
Multi-State Perfect Phylogeny
Sessions, Abigail
Brown Eats
Shakhnovskiy, Egor
CS167/69 Capstone Abstract
Shaw, Jordan
Stanford, Caleb
Modeling Knowledge in Alloy
Straus, Sam
The Reconstruction in Causal and Bayesian Invference
Sun, Xian
Thiesmeyer, Michael and Rosenfeld, Jacob
Trivedi, Tara Basu
Protein Folding: An Algorithmic, Graph-Theoretic Approach
Van Hattum, Alexa
The Typeability of Matrix Arithmetic in R with Liquid Haskell Refinements
Varma, Shah, Paeth, and Goodman
Wang, Angelia
Evidence of Arbitrage Opportunities between Amazon and eBay Markets
Wang, Jing
Brown Housing Review
Zhang, Yang, Johnson, Shu, and Friedmann
Finding Political Bias in Online News
Zorn, Libby
Video Classification with Neural Networks


Baker, Izaak
Dalcin, Matthew
Pitch Black
McManus, Elyse & Lacy, Parielle
Google Search in Blocks
Pak, Melwyn
CS168 Capstone: Equal-Cost Multi-Path Routing in Software-Defined Networking
Salas, Jonathan
Senior Capstone CS1300: Designing, Developing, and Evaluating User Interfaces: Suggestor
Smith, Matthew B.
A Prototype of an Efficient Multithreaded Packet Filter


Abeshouse, Adam
CS182 Capstone Abstract
Adams, Skye
Capstone Abstract
Arroz, M., Chen, A., Lessinger, J., and Mitra, D.
MongoDB as a Graph Database
Badiali, Gianna
Virtual Reality and the Lesser Long Nosed Bat
Bhavsar, Paavan
The Topological Structure of the Renaming Problem
Birch, Sam and Kovacs, Andrew
Carlson, Anne and Zimrin, William
Capstone Project: KA Projects
Caruso, Eric and Owens, Jackson
Multiprocessor Weenix
Chapman, Christine and McGarty, Steven
Chew, Amanda
Text Rhode Island Abstract
Chhay, R., Kwon, K., Long, M., and Oberai, A.
Senior Capstone: CS132 Web Application - 11thHour
Connuck, John
CS166 Capstone Project
Drake, B., Mond, J., and Squires, S.
Elberty, Liam
An Implementation of Weenix OS
Farook, A., Rawat, D., and Elahi, M.
Gale, Alison
ScB Senior Capstone Project Abstract
Gaya, Nick
Weenix OS
Gordon, Spencer
Planar Graphs
Hackney, Daniel
Speculative parallel CSS lexing in Rust
Hudson, Oliver
Security of Personal Finance Mashups
Jin, Flora
Capstone Abstract
Khan, Ismail
Predicting and Visualizing Check-In Distributions for Yelp Businesses
Kim, HakRim
Alice in the Dark
King, Aaron
Security of Personal Finance Mashups
Klotz, Natalie
Kurihara, Alexander
Crowdsound: A Popularity-based Music Application
Leavitt, Jonathan
Capstone Abstract
Lee, Alec
Capstone Abstract
Li, Jinqing
Capstone Project Summary
Lloyd, Travis
Mapping the Global Land Grab
Loh, Kai Herng
Capstone Abstract
Minster, Zach
CS132 Senior Capstone Project: Videoslide
Morduchowicz, Lucas
Hacking in Online Games: bypassing security to gain an unfair advantage
Moses, Abbey
Capstone project
Nackman, Joel
Electronic Voting
Ng, Katherine
Oberbeck, John
Senior Capstone: Parallelization of Finger Trees
Parsons, Timothy
GPU-Accelerated Material Point Method Snow Simulation
Roelke, Ryan
Schneider, Daniel
Hill-Climbing and Cross-Entropy Optimization Applied to Deckbuilding in Magic: The Gathering
Senthil Nathan, Leela
Videoslide Abstract
Spindler, Kurt
Comparing Inference Algorithms for Grounding Trajectories
Stern, Jacob and Martens, Robin
VolumeViz: Interactive Visualization of Cross-Sections in Scientific and Medical Datasets
Tin, Alvin
Validity of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) data on Semibalanus balanoides genome
Tran, John
Tutino, Alex
Capstone Project: Optimizing Over Joint Price Predictions in Simultaneous Auctions
Wang, Bowei (Brad)
SHRDLU in Minecraft
Yegelwel, William
Senior Capstone Project
Yeh, Charles
VeriExodus: Verify the Correctness of Exodus
Zu, Anzhe
Merkle Tree based Mobile Remote Storage