Undergraduate Honors Theses


Asif, Muhammad Haider
Beyond DNA methylation: chromatin age of human tissues
Bers, Tali
Effects of Target Words and Their Locations in Prompts
Bhalla, Usha
Do Vision-Language Pretrained Models Learn Primitive Concepts?
Chairattana-Apirom, Rutchathon
Compact Cut-and-Choose: Boosting the Security of Blind Signature Schemes, Compactly
Chen, Qianfan
Language Levels in Teaching an Introductory Formal Methods Course
Ciabaton, Jack
Cost Function Based Prediction Markets Aggregate Risk-Averse Experts' Beliefs as Opinion Pools
de Campos, Jackson
Best Response in Alternating-Offers Negotiation
Espiritu, Zachary
Time- and Space-Efficient Aggregate Range Queries over Encrypted Databases
Givertz, Benjamin
Incremental Exception Resolution in Tuplex
Idehen, Jordan
Evaluating Machine Learning Methods for Predicting Gene Expression from Epigenetic Glioblastoma Data
Ivanov, Alexander
Discovering Options that Minimize Average Planning Time
Kim, Jung Yeop
Designing an Actuated Walker for Improving User Stability
Laidlaw, Eliot
Honors Thesis
Lim, Jing Wei Nicholas
Termination Classifiers for Image-Based Observation Spaces
Ninagawa, Kotone
Strategies in Automated Negotiation Against Time-based Opponents
Pikielny, Adam
Consistent Depth Estimation for Video
Polatty, Jacob
Securing Veracity: Defenses Against the Pervasive Influence of Social Media
Randolph, John
Banzhaf Power in Hierarchical Games
Roy, Monica
Task Specification in LTL with Quantifiers for Robotic Instruction Following
Sachan, Kshitij
Learning a Distance Metric over Markov Decision Processes
Sharma, Gaurav and Glass, Geoffrey
Handling Concept Drift in Weakly Supervised Learning
Smits, Daniel
The Data Structure of Ad-Hoc Alternatives
So, Leonard
Learning to Optimize (L20)
Srivastava, Aryan
Examining the effects of the like-dislike ratio on users' consumption of and interaction with political content on YouTube
Syed, Sara
Understanding and Increasing Empathy in Online Text-Based Peer Support Systems
Trotz, Caleb
Disentangling Levels of Detail in Implicit Shape Generation with Explicit Bounding Proxies
Tung, Nathan
Neuro-Hotnet: A Graph Theoretic Approach for Brain FC Estimation
Wang, Jeremy
Interpretable Modeling of Cellular Perturbations
Yu, Jacob
Towards Social Video Verification to Combat Deepfakes via Deep Learning
Zaki, Hossam
Predicting Cell Type and Extracting Key Genes using Single Cell Multi-Omics Data and Graph Neural Networks
Zhang, William
Learning Relabelled Convex Combinations of Weak Labellers


Berg, Matthew
Natural Language to Long-Range Robot Navigation in Outdoor Environments
Blinn, Bryce
Functional Chair Programs in ShapeAssembly
Gonzalez, Lucia Regina Reyes
What You See Is Not Always What You Get: An Analysis of Informative Graphs in Formal Methods Languages
Milefchik, Isa
Interactive Image Synthesis Using a Latent 3D Gaussian Model
O'Halloran, Amelia
The Technical, Legal, and Ethical Landscape of Deepfake Pornography
Pal, Koyena
The Effect of Multi-Document Summarizations on User SERP Experience
Sam, Dylan
Learning from Dependent Weak Supervision Sources
Walke, Homer
Learning Finite Linear Temporal Logic Formulas


Baruah, Prakrit
Predicting Hospital Readmission using Unstructure Clinical Note Data
Bayazit, Deniz
Generalizing Natural Language Instruction Following to Aerial Robots and Arbitrary Environments
Christ, Miranda
New Lower Bounds on the Complexity of Provably Anonymous Onion Routing
Galgana, Rigel
Optimal Reserve Price Estimation in the Generalized First and Second Price Auctions with Best Response Dynamics
Guo, Erica
Information Retrieval for Genetic Mutations and Diseases
Huang, Amy
Mystery Functions
Huang, Shawna
Downstream Effects of the Brown Computer Science Introductory Sequences
Jha, Rohan
Data augmentation and the role of hardness for feature learning in NLP
Levin, Joshua
ViperProbe: Using eBPF Metrics to Improve Microservice Observability
Ouyang, Kevin
Self-E: Procedurally Guided Self-Experiments for Novice Health Hackers
Renshaw, Lena
Determining which Sentiment Analysis Predictive Model to use for a given Social Media Election Dataset
Simons, Shoshana
What Communication Complexity Can Tell Us About Circuit Complexity
Stone, Henry
Transparent Voxelized Geometry Representations for Machine Learning
Tu, Karen
Explaining Black Box Models for Document Retrieval
Wagner, Andrew
Where to Begin? Synthesizing Initial Configurations for Cellular Automata


Ball, Michael
RIPPED: Recursive Intent Propagation using Pretrained Embedding Distances
Brennan, Nathaniel
Remote Object Fetching with Descriptive Question Asking
Chaudhry, Abraar
Uncertainty Quantification for Robust Classification
Diwan, Renuka
The Effect of Rural Road Development on Hospital Births: Evidence from India
Farley, Edwin
Missing Data Methods when Values are Missing Together: A Simulation-Based Examination of Joint Modeling and Fully Conditional Specification Imputation Schemes
Fong, Grant
Direct Message Extraction for Automatic Emotional Inference and Drug Detection
Gleyzer, Leonard
Weakly-Supervised Classifier Learning via Temporal Logic
Guerrant, Elisa
Hardening the Linux Kernal Key Retention Service against Information Disclosure Vulnerabilities
Jiang, Elaine
Practicing in Virtual Reality Improves Mental Rotation Ability: Lower Scorers Benefit More
Kasser, Lucas
Lightfield Superpixel Segmentation and Segmentation-Based Editing
Li, Michael
Natural Language Understanding within the context of Question Matching
Murphy, Daniel
Markerless 3D Pose Estimation from RGB Data
Nadimpalli, Shivam
Discrete Isoperimetry and Protein Folding
Ramos, Jerome
Explainability in Transparent Information Retrieval Systems
Romano, Joseph
WebMesh: A Browser-Based Computational Framework for Serverless Applications
Roy, Josh
Learning Feature Extraction for Transfer from Simulation to Reality
Servan-Schreiber, Sacha
Cryptographically Certified Hypothesis Testing
Shteinfeld, Benjamin
LibFilter: Debloating Dynamically-Linked Libraries through Binary Recompilation
Turcu, Adrian
Protein Folding Prediction and Visualization Techniques Based on Hydrophobic Side Chain Interactions
Weir, Nathaniel
Bootstrapping Generalization in Neural Text-to-SQL Semantic Parsing Models
Zhang, Aaron
Proofs of sequential work with unique proofs


Gadre, Samir
Teaching Robots Using Mixed Reality
Guo, Yue (Sophie)
Finding Optimal Strategies over Families of Tasks in Reinforcement Learning
Hou, Andrew
Light Field Super Resolution with Convolutional Neural Networks
Karamcheti, Siddharth
Grounding Natural Language to Goals for Abstraction, Generalization, and Interpretability
Kim Jr., Isaac
Advancing Precision Medicine - Investigating The Relationship Between Race, Comorbidities, and Cancer Through Network Analysis
Kubala, Vincent
Inferring the Intentions of Learning Agents
Lightsey, Connor
Restricted Transactional Memory and SkipLists
Picard, Noah
Smooth Segmentation in Videos: Blind Consistency Over Semantic Segmentations Produced by Fully Convolutional Networks
Porncharoenwase, Sorawee
An Inside-Out Resugaring System
Pratt, Sarah
A Machine Learning Approach to Improve Automated Kinematics Tracking of Non-Human Primates
Sanford, Clayton
Applying Rademacher-Like Bounds to Combinatorial Samples and Function Selection
Shi, Di Yang (Steven)
An Exposition of Adversarial Examples in Neural Networks
Whang, Sungseob
Exploiting Timing Violations under Voltage Scaling with Hardware Transactional Memory


Chen, Frances
Exploring the Conversion of Videos into 3D Models
Chitra, Uthsav
Random Walks on Hypergraphs with Applications to Disease-Gene Prioritization
Cunningham, Nick
Two-Party Generation of Shared RSA Keys through Encryption Switching Protocols
Jayaram, Rajesh
Learning Stochastically Evolving Networks via Local Probing
Liu, David
Nonparametric Clustering with Variational Inference for Tumor Heterogeneity
Perera, Sudheesha
A Haplotype-Based Predictive Model for Genotype/Expression Datasets
Vemuri, Keshav
Growth Rate of the Cube Recurrence


Hoff, Timothy Adam
Extending Open vSwitch to Facilitate Creation of Stateful SDN Applications
Kim, YounHun
Algebraic Connectivity of Graphs, with Applications
Nado, Zachary
Deep Recurrent and Convolutional Neural Networks for Automated Behavior Classification
Sachs, Sarah
Similar-Part Approximation Using Invariant Feature Descriptors
Thompson, Joseph
Recent Applications in Mechanism Design
Wallace, Henry
Clustering of Musical Genres


Acheson-Field, Hannah
Reconstructing Clonal Trees From Multi-Sample Sequencing Data
Correa Orozco, David
TeachWithGlass: Improving the Teaching Experience through Google Glass
Eldon, Miles
Incrementally Interpreting Multimodal Referring Expressions in Real Time
Hershkowitz, D. Ellis
Leveraging and Learning Propositional Functions for Large State Spaces in Planning and Reinforcement Learning
Light, Alex
Reenix: Implementing a Unix-Like Operating System in Rust
Lu, Jeffrey
Avoiding Parameter Overfitting in a Monte Carlo Approach to Real-Time Strategy Games
Metaxa-Kakavouli, Danae
SleepCoacher: Combining Computational and Clinician-Generated Sleep Recommendations
Phene, Sonia
Parallelization of Variational Inference for Bayesian Nonparametric Topic Models
Schvimer, Judah
Take the First Right and Go Straight Forever: Novel Planning Algorithms in Stochastic Infinite Domains
Siranosian, Benjamin
A Multi-scale Ensemble Model of Chromatin Conformation
Steen, Frances
Teleportation as a Strategy for Improving Concurrent Skiplist Performance
Stephenson, Will
Variational Inference for Hierarchical Dirichlet Process Based Nonparametric Models
Wu, Chenggang
Nested Transaction: An Efficient Facility to Enforce the Nesting and the Partial Ordering Requirements in S-Store
Yauney, Gregory
Artificially and (Hopefully) Intelligently Modeling Program Synthesis: Planning in a Large, Strange State Space


Aebi, Bryce
Peernote Status Report
Boreiko, John
Implementation Analysis of Haze Protocol
Frantz, Jacob
Dynamic Resolution Fluid Simulation by Spectral Methods
Herlihy, Anna
Compilation Techniques for Distributed Analytics
Hou, Ning
Two Problems Related to cis-Regulatory Architecture of Transcription Factor Encoding Genes: Homologous Translation and Evolutionary Conservation-Based cis-Module Inference
Hsiao, Vivian
Network Constrained Regression
Jain, Vishesh
Network-Based Analyses of Pathological Gene Pathways in Neuropsychiatric Disorders
Janthong, Abhabongse
Streaming Algorithm for Determining A Topological Ordering of a Digraph
Leavitt, Jonathan
End-to-End Tracing Models: Analysis and Unification
Wald, Elias
A More Performant List Under Concurrent Environments Using Hardware Support for Transactional Memory


Clay, Patrick
Discovery of Mutated Collections of Genes Associated with Survival in Cancer Using Local Search
Kang, Jung Uk
Computational Modeling of Scene-selective Visual Neurons in area LIP (Lateral Intraparietal)
Karumbunathan, Aswin
Using Predictive Models for Compression in Database Systems
Lauria, Kshitij
Combinatorial Algorithms for Bipole Self-Assembly on Lattices with Applications to the Lipid Bilayer
Malkin, Nathan
Waiting Makes the Heart Grow Fonder and the Password Grow Stronger
McErlean, Doug
One Constraint to Rule Them All: How to simplify optimizations under constant variable sum, with applications for maximum likelihood
Storch, David
Towards an Intelligent Bidding Agent in QuiBids Penny Auctions
Tremel, Edward
Real-World Performance of Cryptographic Accumulators
Zweig, Jonathan
Procedural Architectural Facade Modeling


Boger, Sam
Defense Against the Dark Arts: An Approach to Introductory Computer Security Education
Bressler, Garrett
Software Transactional Memory in the Linux Kernel
Changpinyo, Soravit
Learning Image Attributes using the Indian Buffet Process
Franco, Jacob
Cryptic Population Substructure and Fuzzy Clustering
Gillani, Nabeel
Joint Assessment and Restoration of Power Systems
Herman, Jeffrey
A Markov random field model for inferring population structure
Ryza, Sandy
Solving Hard Problems with Lots of Computers
Stix, Eric
An Empirical Study of Online Penny Auctions
Stix, Jeffrey
Designing a Bidding Algorithm for Online Penny Auctions
Weis, James
Computational Genomics and Bioenergy: Modeling and Clustering of RNA-SEQ Data


Donahue, Evan
Searching for the Blackbox: Unsupervised Recovery of Relational Schema from Unstructured Airplane Crash Reports


Mustacchi, Robert
StashFS: Generalized Disconnected Operation
Saftoiu, Claudiu
JSTrace: Run-time Type Discovery for JavaScript
Stewart, Allan
Face-center cubic (FCC) lattice models for protein folding: energy function inference and biplane packing


Cheever, Elizabeth
One Dimensional Simulations of Cerebral Blood Flow
Fischer, Travis
Franks, Alexander
An Efficient Image Search Algorithm For Object Feature Identification in Biological Vision
Lapping-Carr, Micah
RGame: A Video Game for Interactive Robot Learning


Baskin, Jacob
Comparing Apples and Oranges: Using Consensus Rankings for Decision Support
Cunningham, Sam
Predicting when seam carved images become unrecognizable
Diamond, Brandon
[incr Insight] An easy to use, easy to extend module system for Insight/GDB
Garton, Lian
An Investigation of Population Subdivision Methods in Disease Associations with a Focus on Markov Chain Monte Carlo
Gordon, Colin Stebbins
Type-safe Stack Traversal for Garbage Collector Implementation
Panda, Aurojit
An Empirical Study of Structural Symmetry Breaking
Quirk, Lincoln
Ownership of a queue for practical lock-free scheduling
Winograd-Cort, Daniel
Deducing Relevant Bridge Bidding Information from Double Dummy Data


Austerweil, Joe
A Unified, Global and Local, Hierarchical Generative Document Ordering Model
Greenberg, Michael
Declarative, composable views
Lee, Seong Jae
Comparison of Bidding Algorithms for Simultaneous Auctions
Meyerovich, Leo
Flapjax: Functional Reactive Web Programming


Ballard, Lucia
Conflict Avoidance: Data Structures in Transactional Memory
Chang, Edwin
Sketching Articulation and Pose for Facial Meshes
Tse, Ronald Henry
TCP Fairness in Multipath Transport Protocols


Arnaudov, Vesselin
Unified Management of Heterogeneous Sensor Networks In the Atlantis Framework
Bookstaber, Daniel
Using Markov Decision Processes to Solve a Portfolio Allocation Problem
Bromberg-Martin, Ethan
Partial-Order Alignment of RNA Structures
Kern, Edward
The Crunch Mobile Robot
Lee, Stephanie
Quantitative Metrics for White Matter Integrity Based on Diffusion Tensor MRI Data
Sakai, Haruyoshi
Internet Poker: Data Collection and Analysis
Taubman, Gabriel
MusicHand: A Handwritten Music Recognition System
Tom, Nancy
GuShi: An Innovative Multimedia Program Implementing Traditional Textbook Methods for Teaching Intermediate Second Language Learners
Tschantz, Michael
The Clarity of Languages for Access-Control Policies
Ye, Jason
Atlantis: Location Based Services with Bluetooth


Benisch, Michael
Optimization Under Uncertainty in Online Trading Agents
Licata, Daniel
Verifying Interactive Web Programs


Blundell, Colin
A Constraint-Based Approach to Open Feature Verification
Egan, Kevin
Techniques for Real-Time Rigid Body Simulation
Eigen, David
Java Demonstration Software for Differential Geometry and Polyhedral Theories
Finkel, Benjamin
Curvilinear Graph Drawing Using The Force-Directed Method
Ho, Kate
Data Replication under Latency Constraints
Huang, Albert
Ad-hoc Collaborative Document Annotation on a Tablet PC
Kern, Josh
Aurora Performance Monitoring Tool Programmer's Guide
Lederman, Roger
Optimization of Stochastic Inventory Control with Correlated Demands
McClain, Andrew W.
CaveSculpture: Creating sculpture from CavePaintings
Pytlik, Brock
Automatic Debugging Using Potential Invariants
Schrock, Eric
Dynamic Lock Dependency Analysis of Concurrent Systems
Sigelman, Ben
Video-Based Tracking of 3D Human Motion Using Multiple Cameras
Straub, Christian D.
Authentication of Embedded Data in HTML Documents through the Use of Prooflets