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Archive – April 2019

Iris Bahar Wins The Marie R. Pistilli Women In Electronic Design Award


"I'm very honored to be receiving this award," says R. Iris Bahar, Professor of Engineering and Computer Science at Brown University, upon hearing that she's just won the Marie R. Pistilli Women in Electronic Design Award. "I'm passionate about helping to advance women in electronic design automation, and in computing more generally. " Given annually …

Doug Woos Joins Brown CS As Lecturer


Doug Woos sees some of the rationale for his interest in academia originating with his passion for moral and political philosophy. "The best attitude for a philosophy class," he says, "is to read a text and buy into it for the entire duration, accepting that it's correct throughout. Then, when …

Twenty-Seven Students Win Brown CS Senior Prizes


Brown CS has just announced that it will recognize 27 graduating seniors for their achievements at Commencement in May. Michael Ball, Laura Blackstone, Isaiah Brand, Leslie Bresnahan, Jonathan Chemburkar, Joshua Chipman, Loudon Cohen, Grant Fong, Montana Fowler, Alex Fratila, Purvi Goel, Mae Heitmann, Elaine Jiang, Atsunobu Kotani, Zach Kirschenbaum, Benjamin Murphy, Shivam Nadimpalli, Nina Polshakova, Silei Ren, Lucas Rosenblatt, Josh Roy, Sumit Sohani, Chantal …

Brown CS Students Return To The Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge


On March 21, team Brown Secure '19, composed of Brown CS students Nicole Cheng, Manuel Gorotiza, Willem Speckmann, and Angela Zhuo, and coached by Professor John Savage, competed in the seventh annual Atlantic Council Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge in Washington, DC. The event featured a record-setting 47 teams from institutions across the country and was designed to give students a …

Brown CS Student Liyaan Maskati Wins The Association For Women In Mathematics Student Essay Contest For Writing About Ellie Pavlick


“There are a lot of aspects of language that are really complex and humans are really good at picking up on those nuances, and machines are really not,” says Brown CS Professor Ellie Pavlick. “I love working on [something] so fundamentally human and so complex.”In a recent essay, ("Nothing Ventured, Nothing …

Brown CS Alums Jacob Beck And Zoe Papakipos Have Been Published In New Scientist For Work On Autonomous Driving


In the current day and age, self-driving cars are perhaps one of the most promising technologies on the horizon. With the potential to dramatically improve traffic planning, fuel efficiency, and productivity, it’s easy to understand the excitement surrounding this innovation. One of the largest challenges facing the field, however, is …