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Articles by Rujul Singh

Atlidakis And Greenman Win Computing Innovation Fellowships


The Computing Research Association (CRA) and Computing Community Consortium (CCC) have announced a new Computing Innovation Fellows (CIFellows) Program for 2020 that recognizes the significant disruption to the academic job search caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and aims to provide a career-enhancing bridge experience for recent and soon-to-be PhD graduates …

Theophilus A. Benson Co-Authors The EuroSys 2019 Best Student Paper


Brown CS Professor Theophilus “Theo” Benson has just won the Eurosys  Best Student Paper Award for co-authoring the paper, “Efficient and Safe Network Updates with Suffix Causal Consistency” (authored by University of North Carolina Chapel Hill student Shen Liu and also co-authored by UNC Professor Michael Reiter), presented at EuroSys …