Barbara J. Meier

Senior Lecturer

Office:CIT 401
Email: barbara_meier@@@brown.edu
Assistant: Dawn T Reed

Research Areas: Graphics and Visualization

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I teach introductory and intermediate computer animation. In the intro course, students learn the steps of the animation production pipeline including story/script writing, planning, modeling, shading, lighting, animating, and compositing. They use commercial software to complete exercises and a short finished animation. In the intermediate course, students learn the technical workflows for character modeling, rigging, animating, shading, and lighting in more depth.
My research is in computer graphics techniques. My focus is creating and using tools for artists. Past work includes WYSIWYG NPR, or "What you see is what you get non-photorealistic rendering." In this prototype system, artists draw directly on 3d models to create stylized silhouettes, shading, and decal designs. I also worked on the Accessible Color Project to make color easier to use in graphics programs for both novices and experts. Some of this work resulted in Interactive Color Palette Tools.

I am interested in figuring out ways that artists, especially animators, can use computers in conjunction with their current skills to alleviate some of the tedium of creating scores of images as well as to explore new looks and techniques.

In addition, I work on personal animated films and have an oil painting practice.