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Kuang-Chen Lu, Ben Greenman, And Shriram Krishnamurthi Win The <Programming> Editors' Choice Award

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New research ("Types for Tables: A Language Design Benchmark") by Brown CS PhD student Kuang-Chen Lu, Postdoctoral Research Associate Benjamin Greenman, and Professor Shriram Krishnamurthi has won the annual Editors’ Choice Award for Volume 6 of The Art, Science, and Engineering of Programming, popularly known as <Programming>.

"Tables," the authors explain, "are ubiquitous formats for data. Therefore, techniques for writing correct programs over tables, and debugging incorrect ones, are vital." In their work, they focus on rich types that articulate the properties of tabular operations, studying not only their expressive power but also their diagnostic quality, because these two can often be in conflict with one another. They present their work through a benchmark to make it easier to compare research results.

Last year, Shriram (with co-authors John Wrenn, a Brown CS alum, and Brown CS Professor Tim Nelson) received the same award for research ("Teaching and Assessing Property-Based Testing") into the use of relational problems (those for which an input may admit multiple valid outputs) to motivate the use of property-based testing (PBT) libraries.

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