picture Tim Nelson
Lecturer in Computer Science
Brown Computer Science

E-mail: tbn [at] cs [dot] brown [dot] edu
Frequent Location: CIT 355

Publications Service Teaching

I work in the PLT Group at Brown University. I'm interested in language-design and analysis, particularly for traditional networks, software-defined networks, and smart-home programming. I also teach. Among other courses, I run Logic for Systems, a class that turns the usual formal-logic syllabus on its head by focusing on applications—which is either cool or heretical depending on your point of view. That "or" may be inclusive.

I was previously a PhD student in the Applied Logic and Security Lab at WPI, under the supervision of Kathi Fisler and Dan Dougherty. At WPI, I worked on tools to help people understand the consequences of policies they write (in multiple domains, ranging from access-control to routing in networks).

A note on my email address: I used to be tn, not tbn. Unfortunately, times change and institutional policies become better enforced. Rather than spend my time engaging in a quixotic battle over one keystroke, I've decided to view this as a mark of approval: the Powers that Be have granted me one more letter in my login name.
TLDR: please use tbn, not tn, to avoid potential delays and other issues.