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Archive – 2020

Atlidakis And Greenman Win Computing Innovation Fellowships


The Computing Research Association (CRA) and Computing Community Consortium (CCC) have announced a new Computing Innovation Fellows (CIFellows) Program for 2020 that recognizes the significant disruption to the academic job search caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and aims to provide a career-enhancing bridge experience for recent and soon-to-be PhD graduates …

Andrea Greene-Horace And Yanling He Win NextGen Scholarships


Two students from Brown University, Andrea Greene-Horace and Yanling He, have just received the CrowdStrike Foundation's NextGen Scholarship, which supports the development of the next generation of talent and leadership in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. No more than six of these scholarships are given each year, and Brown students have received …

Chen Sun Joins Brown CS As Assistant Professor


“The most successful computer vision algorithms of the last few years,” says Chen Sun, “were all built on top of supervised deep learning, where big data and powerful computing devices are the key factors. I’m interested in making machines perceive and learn more naturally, like humans.” Currently a staff research …