Undergraduate TAs

Undergraduate TAs (or UTAs) work to support one of the department's courses during a given semester.

The current UTAs are listed on the individual course web pages.

In addition to working with a professor, all undergraduate TAs work under the supervision of one or more head TAs, who are themselves undergraduate students (and former UTAs).

UTAs are hired each semester (between midsemester and reading period) for the following semester's courses. They are hired by the professor based on input from the head TAs. The hiring process is coordinated by the meta-TAs.

The UTA program page includes information about TA program hiring.


Teaching Assistants (TAs) are an integral part of the Brown Computer Science program. Nearly every class in Brown CS will hire undergraduate TAs, and they perform much of the work that makes the course run smoothly. TAs work closely with their fellow TAs and the course instructor to shape the direction of the course. TA duties can include:



TAing is popular among undergrads and considered by many to be enormously rewarding. It offers Brown CS students the opportunity to get to know their peers better while working closely with a member of the factulty. Over the course of the semester, TAs will develop a deeper understanding of the material while gaining the type of leadership experience that potential employers look for in recent graduates. Additionally, TAs are paid hourly for their time spent performing course work. Compensation is received every two weeks.