Head TAs

Head TAs (or HTAs) work with the instructor to manage the logistics and staff of a course during a given semester. HTAs have typically both taken and served as a UTA for a course prior to serving as an HTA, but this is not required.

HTAs are hired each midsemester for the following semester's courses. Interested students apply through a process that is managed by the meta-TAs. The instructor interviews candidates, reviews prior TA evaluations (if any), and provides a ranking of candidates to the Meta-TAs, who then use a stable matching process to assign HTAs to courses. Timelines and application details are documented on the TA program hiring page.

Note that, it is often the case that, in order to facilitate course development in advance of the semester the course is being offered, some of the HTAs may be selected farther in advance. If you're interested in HTAing a course (and doing course development, in particular), it's to your advantage to start discussing it with the instructor as much as two semesters in advance.

A Head Teaching Assistant plays a very different role in the life of a class than does a UTA. The role of HTA requires more attention to administrative details, more meetings and organization, and generally more time. This role can be more rewarding than being a UTA, however, because it really gives you the chance to work directly with an instructor on a class. This document will outline some of the expectations of HTAs, how you fit into the department, and what you should expect from this position.

Basic expectations

Expectations (and non-expectations) of HTAs include the following:

The HTA missive has more details and guidance regarding the HTA role.