TA Hiring

TAing is a great way to dig a little bit deeper into the material for a course, get practice working in a group of peers, interact more closely with a professor, learn something about how courses are run, make some money, and maybe even have fun doing it! If you've taken a CS class, we want you to apply!

For detailed position descriptions, see these pages for Head TAs, Undergraduate TAs, Socially Responsible Computing TAs (formerly Ethics TAs), and Meta TAs.

Brown University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and strongly encourages applications from women, minorities, and protected persons. (Click here for more information.)

The TA hiring process is coordinated by the Meta TAs.


All undergraduate and Masters students are eligible to apply. (PhD students are not eligible for HTA / UTA / STA positions, but PhD students in the Computer Science department may be hired as Graduate TAs. Graduate TAs are hired separately from this process—speak to your advisor if you're a Computer Science PhD student who wishes to become a Graduate TA.)


Fall 2023 Hiring Timeline

MTA Hiring

Mon, 9/11 MTA applications open
Sun, 9/17 MTA applications close @ 5pm ET
9/18-9/22 MTA applicants are interviewed
9/25 Latest date that all MTA applicants hear back



Wed, 9/20 Spring 2024 HTA/HSTA applications open
Thurs, 9/28 Spring 2024 HTA/HSTA applications close @ 5pm ET
9/29-10/9 Spring 2024 HTA/HSTA applicants are interviewed
Wed, 10/11 Latest date that all Spring 204 HTA/HSTA applicants hear back


UTA/STA Hiring

Mon, 10/2 Spring 2024 UTA / STA applications open
Mon, 10/16 Spring 2024 UTA / STA applications close @ 5pm ET
10/18-11/15 Spring 2024 UTA / STA applicants are interviewed
Wed, 11/22 Latest date that all Spring 2024 UTA / STA applicants hear back



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